Mark Levine on Bernie’s suspension & Biden’s ascension.




Reprinted with permission from the Facebook page of Dr. Mark Levine, Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History at UCI:

Dear Joe Biden-supporting friends.

In the immortal words of Colin Powell, “You own it.”

I think Biden is a horrible candidate. I think he’s as much part of the problem as Trump. He’s part of the system that got us here. I cannot for the life of me imagine how any African American, how any union member, how anyone with a desire to save this planet and our species, could vote for him. But these are now questions for the history books, not for the present moment. You voted for him, you got him.

I will donate what I can afford to his campaign. I will take off work — if we are even working — in the fall to go do voter registration and related drives in swing states. I will march or whatever and stand against the Trump supporters who are smelling blood like a shark approaching a sick minnow.

And I expect to see every fucking one of you out there with me. I expect you to spend whatever money you have — a lot more than I will spend — to make him competitive. I expect you to take off from work, even at the cost of your jobs, to go to swing states to register every damn voter and drive them to the polls if necessary. I don’t care if there’s still CV19 in every molecule of air we breathe. Buy a gas mask if you need to, but get to your nearest swing states and figure out how to help people get whatever ID they need by November and to show up at the polling station and wait in line for the 10 hours it will take for them to vote on November 3. Make sure to bring lots of coffee and sandwiches to hand out to people on line.

And then, on November 4, I expect you to fight. FIGHT. I mean, like, really fight, like with whatever means necessary, including violence if that’s what it takes, to stop what is inevitably to come. You put not just your future, but my future and my kids’ future and the world’s future, in the hands of Biden. I will refrain from cataloguing why that’s such an insane idea because it no longer matters. But it is now YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to lead the fight for survival that is coming, as sure as the white walkers through the wall, regardless of who wins. If Biden somehow wins, Trump supporters are gonna lose it and who knows what they’ll do but you better be there because the only moral position you have is to be the rest of our human shield, protecting us.

But if as I’m almost 100% positive, Trump wins, the level of racism, sexism, and psychopathic hatred and violence that his supporters will feel entitled to unleash on everyone who isn’t white, Christian and patriarchy-supporting, will make the last four years seem like a joke. And the policies he will unleash, and the damage he will do to the environment and to our future by packing the SCOTUS, is beyond any of our imagination.

What I do know is that at this point the Republic will be no more. We will be like Syria at the start of its Civil War. We will have a homicidal mafia government ready to do whatever is necessary to crush any dissent and anyone who isn’t part of their core constituency. We will have militias, many of the them groups of religious fanatics, running around with the tacit if not formal support of the leader. We will have a small but courageous democratic opposition who will be targeted, arrested, and some no doubt killed, by the state and its supporters. We will have a set of policies that literally will doom our species and a good share of the other ones on this planet to extinction with zero political checks to its power.

I would appreciate hearing what you are planning to do about this, because if you haven’t thought it through then you are as morally bankrupt as Trump. So please, now that you have your man, tell the rest of us, in the most detailed way possible, what you are planning to do to ensure he wins, and then, what you are willing, planning and preparing to do when he doesn’t. Because I can tell you I will be ready and I will fight literally to the death before I’ll let that orange motherfucker and his minions completely destroy this country and this planet. You better be willing to do the same because while they might come for me first, there won’t be anyone for you to hide behind after.

Have a nice day.

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