Weekend Open Thread: Love in the Time of Coronavirus




Not really, I can’t improve on Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Black Sabbath, MAYBE.

Nimrods gathered in their masses Hoarding paper for their asses
Brawling over bottled water As the temperature gets hotter
In the stores the bodies sweating While the virus does its spreading
Busting heads for sanitizer Civil co-existence dies here – Oh Lord yeah!

Politicians gauge their interests now
Some say panic, some say chill
Some say it’s blown up by the media
Wait till their favorite aunt gets ill – yeah!

A trillion and a half to bail out Wall Street now
Nothing left for families or for schools
The stock market’s all this Trump guy cares about
Tell me who elected this damn fool – yeah!

MAGA maggots need no coaxing To believe it’s all just hoaxing
Guess that “fake news” ain’t so fake now Still they’ll blame Obama somehow.
As employers start to fire us, Guess who’s got coronavirus?
Begging mercy for his sins, COVID laughing spreads its wings – Oh Lord yeah!

(Some material suggested by Robert Sparks, who’s been staying with us the last couple days.)

Speak on whatever, it’s your fucking weekend open thread.

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