Unmasking the Presidency from Santa…




Responding to the Holiday Spirit is always difficult.  Who do you give Christmas Gifts to?  The lady that delivers the newspapers of course.  The Postman….naturally!  The guy that works on your car?  How about the lady that cuts your hair?  What about the guy that delivers the bottled water?  The list can be almost endless.  So, you run out at the last minute and get Gingerbread Houses, Cookies, Liquor and find another 100 re-gifts from previous years.  The concept we suppose is to show caring, a remembrance of good deeds and the approval of those things which you would appreciate being repeated in the coming year.  So, what have we given to this President in 2019?

Well Amigos and Amigas – friends, Romans and Countrymen – Republicans of every stripe from Right Wing Skinhead Nazi’s to Liberal Hollywood Moguls and Rich Bankers from Wall Street – Democrats from Communists Cells in the bowels of some cellar in Brooklyn, to the Right Wing Hollywood Moguls and Rich Bankers from Wall Street……to the “Me Too!”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Snowflake Rebellion” and thousand more….Santa is about to send you all a message of hope and understanding for the years to come.

The History of the United States of America is riddled with misunderstandings, phony dialogue, untrustworthy reporting and a whole bunch of crazy ideas which have grown, become mature and finally passed away…thank goodness.  Don’t forget how crazy is seemed that this country composed of the 13 Original Colonies only had a population of 2.4 Million citizens.  The British had a population of nearly 8 Million, a very large military and the mission to use overwhelming force with impunity.  We had of the 2.4 Million about 40% that were Tories, or those that supported King George.  Those that opposed the rule of the Crown were known as Treason Rebel Folks!  King George controlled the bureaucracy, the government and those that owed him favors, double agents, paid off partisans, business folks with no conscience and lots of folks with families that could be intimidated or killed with impunity.  It was hopeless that say perhaps 1.3 million people, composed of eight different ethic groups of men, women and children; could set aside their religious teachings, their financial responsibilities and their lives, liberty and sacred honor to challenge perhaps the most powerful country in the world at that time. Many of the citizens then also comprised the major workers who were not Tradesmen, Not Business People – but Slaves, Indentured Servants and those that could be bought and sold like cattle in the Business Market Place.  The true stories of early American life were not all composed of the Johnny Tremain assent from an Apprentice Indentured Silversmith for 7 years, starting at age 12…..and finding the likes of the Adams brothers and the American Revolution.

Fast forward through several wars, the Great Civil War – or War between the States, the Manifest Destiny of sea to shining sea and the lives that were lost in that quest.  The Spanish American War and the Colonial Mercantilism of Global Banking, Lloyds of London, the Rothchilds, the Bank of England, Deutsche Bank, Creation of the Central Bank system in 1870, Dutch East India Company, The Hudson Bay Company, The Germans, The French, The Portugese, The Dutch Traders…..Teddy Roosevelt and the Bull Moose Party……The Railroad Robber Barrons, World War I…. Boss Tweed….Woodrow Wilson…..Disenfranchised Black people from Slave families…..the Alien and Sedition Acts…..Sacco and Vanzetti…..Ellis Island.  Warren (Corruption should have been his middle name) Harding…..FDR……and Harry S Truman….(the one that dropped two Atomic Bombs on the Japs to end WW II!)

Well, then came Dwight D. Eisenhower …..our General of the Armies of the Allies against the dreaded Axis Powers of:  Germany, Italy and Japan.  The same Axis powers that were supported by Swiss Banking, World Central Bankers, The Catholic Church and many other smaller countries which became part of that coalition.   Support for the Marshall Plan (A Central Bank plan to reconstruct Europe!) went forward with vigor.  The ’55 Ford epitomized the “I Like IKE” years.  Ford finally adopted an overhead valve engine!  The “IKE” years emphasized home building for our returning servicemen, OSS or now CIA involvement in a whole bunch of countries which we wanted to overthrow anyone that didn’t want to buy our goods.  We sold F-86 Fighter planes to 23 Countries, Tanks, Jeeps and of course all the repair parts to go with them.  Many countries like Chile and Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and others wound up having to borrow money from the Central Banks to purchase these elements of war.   Yes, then those countries went bankrupt and had to borrow more money…from the emerging World Bank………later to become connected to the World Trade Organization (which sets the rules for borrowing from the Central Banks!).  The Fed?  Yeah, basically this has been a Printing Machine for World Banking since the 1950s…right after World War II.  There just wasn’t enough money left after WW II to rebuild, so they just had to start printing it.  Today, we print about $135 Billion dollars a month to keep the world churning.   The “Ugly American” image became a norm during the “I Like IKE” years!

“IKE” and his lovely wife Mamie(The General’s Wife in Spades!)….played a lot of Golf, meddled in foreign affairs of various countries, had a series of minor corruption charges against folks like Allan Dulles (CIA) (Accusations), Sherman Adams (plea bargain away corruption charges)….but all in all “Ike and Mamie were likable.  Like Grandparents that you could feel were distant but generous to the kids.  After “Ike” came JFK….(the Flamethrower Womanizer – the Gentle Bull in a China Shop!)  JFK and his brother Bobby were causing serious problems for the gentry of the United States.  How dare they want voting rights for Black People?  How dare they attack the same Organized Crime bosses that had put them in office?  How dare they give the people of the United States challenges (“It’s not what the country can do for you….it’s what you can do for your country!”  The problem was:  Jack and Jackie, were just too likable!   JFK – had to go and in 1963 a combination of Government Agencies (CIA & FBI & Organized Crime Gambino Crime Family and the willing cooperation of LBJ and his Texas Big Shot friends around the Pot Bellied Stove!) practiced on a Hollywood set in Mexico that represented Dalley Plaza in Dallas.  Three Professional hit men took him out on November 22nd, 1963.  Then came LBJ.  Perhaps one of the most corrupt and dangerous folks to ever serve in the Whitehouse…..ramping up the Vietnam War and making sure that his brother in law got the paving contract for every new road in Vietnam and his wife Lady Bird was able to buy all the Radio Stations in America.  When RFK wanted to challenge LBJ in his re-election….he made sure that RFK got taken out too.  This time in LA, at the Ambassador Hotel kitchen by a shot in the back of the head from an FBI Agent…..supposed to protect him. LBJ was not re-elected because:  He was NOT likable!  The Vietnam War was caused because of the ramping up of troops through the Gulf of Tonkin event.

Enter stage left the indomitable Richard M. Nixon.  Mr. Sellout.  Mr. Buyout. Mr. Mr.!  Says one thing….does another.  Bring the troops home?  Not so fast……kill another 30,000 of our guys before we go!  Use every Tricky Dick Gameplan around.  Use the CIA and FBI to go after members of the Press, Black Power Groups, Brown Power Groups, University Student Activists, expand the war into Cambodia……  So, Nixon and his wife Pat get impeached for the Watergate, challenged by George Wallace for re-election – but still won the 2nd term, but Gerald Ford and Betty had to takeover, Pardon Nixon and screw up a bunch of things in foreign affairs and becomes just another one Term President.  The bane of Saturday Night Live for three years!  It made Chevy Chase a star however!  Jerry and Betty were very boring and most of all….poor Betty had a alcohol dependence problem.  They moved to Palm Springs and started the Betty Ford Clinic and  Jerry go to play golf with the rich mucky mucks!

Then came Jimmy Carter and Rosalind, the drunken brother Billie and a whole bunch of Junior to the Assistant Office boyz in his cabinet.  A peanut farmer from Georgia?  Really?  Billie Beer?  Really?  Not attend the Olympics because the Russian invaded Afghanistan?  Really?  Double Digit Inflation and no jobs?  Really?  Well, this was a Presidency that was going nowhere from the beginning and was destined to be a ONE Term President.  Jimmy and Rosalind are both still around and have become downright likable NOW!  Not then…but NOW! Jimmy is the longest living American President in history.  Nice!  Jimmy and Rosalind however were defeated soundly by Ron and Nancy Reagan.  The Republicans were desperate as usual and had to take Reagan, but they made sure that George H.W. Bush (Mr. CIA – One of the boyz – Skull and Bones) got into the game.  The plan of course was to Assassinate Reagan right after he got in to office, which almost happened.  The son of “George the Elder’s”, best friend made the hit?  Really?  Anyway, Reagan survived because Nancy got the great Astrologer Joan Quigley to come and live with them in the Whitehouse and guide the activities.  Everything worked except the Iran – Contra deal.  But then that one Reagan got sucked into by mistake!  One thing for sure Ron and Nancy….were VERY likable! They brought the Fall of the Wall, World Peace and eventually the fall of the Russian Economy and ……(but who wants that?) that won’t make our Military-Industrial-Complex any money!

Sadly, “George the Elder” followed in the Reagan’s footsteps, one terrible choice after the other:  Promised “No new taxes!”  Ooopsie!  The rest was totally unremarkable including NAFTA and did nothing for our country other than inspiring Henry Ross Perot to challenge him along with Bill and Hilary Clinton in the next election.  The Clinton’s won, only to be under constant attack for many, many poor moves that included Elian Gonzales, Waco, Whitewater, not to mention the Blue Dress and the 20 year old intern Monica.  The war in Yugoslavia was totally unnecessary, because the Albanian’s were coming across the border and killing whole villages and replacing them, just like the Nazi’s did in the Warsaw Ghetto.  Janet Reno was a terrible Attorney General and the foreign policy was totally based on Global Central Banking relationships. The FED was printing money just to pay down the National Debt and Annual Deficits.  The “Phony Economy” as usual.  When “George and Laura” came on-board, the economy was about to crash…..so they needed stimulus!  How about another nice war …..this time with Iraq again?  Luckily, George and Laura had the “A Team” with Colin Powell and Don Rumsfeld.

It was about all that George and Laura could do.  They even sent everyone in the country a tax break with real money $600 a couple coming back to everyone!  George and Laura were always “Likable”…that is for sure.  They held out the Crash until 2008-2009!  Considering the Enron debacle, Hedge Fund and Derivative Manipulations, The Wall Street Crash, Bernie Madoff and bunches more to come George and Laura went back to Texas with their “Likability quotient” in tact.  Then came the break-through of Barack  and Michelle Obama!  Unlikely, impossible – totally off the charts….a Black Man and Woman President and First Lady of our Country?  Really?  Barack however is perhaps our smartest President.  He stayed away from the Firearm Issue….except for one minor issue called “Fast and Furious” which so pales in comparison to Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee taking cash from the CIA/Medellin/Cali Cartels for guns in Mena, Arkansas…that its ludicrous!  The Benghazi deal was a  really phony early attack on Hillary, because the Republicans knew she was going to be the candidate in 2016.  The movie  “13 Hours” tells the truth of the matter, but too many Republican’s fail to look at the facts.   Anyway, 63 Million people voted for Donald J. Trump and 66 Million voted for Hillary Clinton.  The American people had the choice to pick a stubborn, hard headed woman that was not going to change or they were going to vote for the most obnoxious human being on the planet.  The truth of the matter is that the American people half of more than half were not going to be happy with either choice.  We would probably be complaining about Hillary too, but maybe not as hard.  Computers have made our lives more convenient and even easier to mess with election results.  Everything can be hacked, including the tuning on our automobiles and the utilities in our homes.  We are being watched 24/7 with Facial Recognition Programs and NSA Cloud Storage through Drone collection systems.  Cameras on every corner our of society and the Globe.  Aldous Huxley wrote about a “Brave New World”.  Like Pandors’ box….or Eve taking a bite of the Apple……these things cannot be turned back.  We must go forward!

So, where does that leave us that were raised on songs like:  “This is my country….land that I love!” and “It’s a Grand Old Flag!” and all the George M. Cohan songs?  Well folks a Major Sea Change is coming and it will not matter who is in charge!  Our choice is always to go with the Likable Choice!  We urge everyone to do the same.  Someone, we can wake up to every day and NOT see on TV.  Someone that will go to the job of President with a respect for all creatures, all races, all religions and want to help our homeless…that wants to help those that suffer from natural disasters…….that wants to do good for their fellow man.  A man or woman with strength of character that will not run over people or discourage anyone that is trying to make the world a better place.  Someone that embraces DNA Cures for all disease.  Someone that makes it easy to meet the future and the technology that awaits us all.  Someone that makes it totally unnecessary to go to war in Middle East.

“Merry Christmas to all…….and to all a goodnight!”

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