Rounding up the usual suspects…..again?

“The Loyal Opposition”.  “Feckless!” “Lacking the Political Will.” “Wasting valuable time!” “Stepping on their own tails!”  “Marching to the sound of their own drummer!” “Meaningless!”  “Impeachment is next to Godliness!” “Watch me now!”  “How do I look, on TV?” “Don’t we have a country to run?””What is more important?  Beating Trump in 2020 or Beating Trump in 2020?”  “Let’s all just flog the dog and hope something happens other than just a wet spot on the floor!”

Let’s see now, only 16 Months to the next Presidential Election.  It takes approximately three years to Impeach a sitting President, so what happened 24 months ago?  Why didn’t we get started then?  Ah shucks, this is just politics as usual, isn’t it?  Well, not exactly.  We have without a doubt the most vitriolic, vulgar, criminal and depressing Chief Executive next to LBJ, in American History.  But then, we do have a tendency to white wash and cover up these things, just because…..we love our country so much!  Of course, we did lose our country somewhere in the 1960’s and when the Global Corporations took over clearly in the 1970’s.  It is still the reason why, the full details of the Warren Report are not scheduled to come out until 2050….when the world population will have exceeded the ability of this Late Great Planet to reboot itself.  In those days ahead, the oceans will become Methane Oceans, unable to sustain life for any sea creatures.  The Phony Climate Change folks will be living on mountain tops far away from the rising oceans of 150 feet or more above sea level…that are yet to be determined.  Ah, but look on the bright side……new business opportunities will be coming.  New jobs like those in the movie “Brazil” or “The Matrix”.  Yeah, everything is going to be just ducky, because our current raft of politicians are all being paid by the same Corporate interests and lobbyists. We have to continue to always: “Look on the bright side of life!”  We all need to watch “Rollerball” with James Caan and “Three Days of the Condor” with Robert Redford …..ten times before the next election in February!

So who is Robert Mueller?  A good Marine, who went to Vietnam to kill little yellow people for the Oil Cartels and Military Industrial Complex.  A man of great integrity, who would never sell out his principles for short term rewards of any kind.  Hey, we love Bob…..even our pal James Comey likes Bob!  Ah, but what can you do when you have all those weapons pointed at you, both at home and when you are out and about?  If Bob winds up being tortured by members of Congress for a couple of days – Bob is tough enough to endure it without complaint.  There is no doubt he his an American Hero…..who had to stand tall and tell the almost, but not quite Biggest Lies of his Life!  We have empathy and we do not ask Bob Mueller to do anything that we would not do.  Put into the same position, there are a very few that could do what this great man has to be doing.  He could have just refused to testify under any conditions!  That actually would have been the safer course to take.  Now, folks are going to say:  “God, he is worse than Ken Starr!”.  But Bob is a tough old Marine and knows the price you have to pay to be in the public eye.  He wouldn’t have taken this assignment – if he hadn’t know what was coming!  Just having to listen to that grating nasty voice of Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows or that insipid Kennedy will be more than most will be able to bear.  Don’t they have Hillary Clinton to still kick around?  How about Obama?  Ah, so much time to waste… little waste of time?

So, what about war with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, India and China?  How soon can we kill the entire planet?  Ronald Reagan said it best when he didn’t know he had a hot microphone:  “We start bombing Moscow in five minutes!”  Who wants to wait for Global Warming anyway?  Climate Change?  “Melting the ice caps!”  “The return of the Dinosaurs?” “The end of all disease?” “Oceans without Plastic bags in several areas as large as Montana?” “Making babies that all look like J Lo or Brad Pitt?”and having “Everyone living in a paper box!”

Well, not to worry;  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are not going to Impeach Donald J. Trump.  In fact they may even vote to kill 70 million Iranians…who speak Farsi not Arabic.  Who are Shiites not Sunni who are the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Shabob and all the other major terrorist organizations on the planet.  Ah, just business….not personal …..remember that!  How can we boost the Military Budget $100 Billion dollars this year and not make sure that we don’t use up our old obsolete ordinance first?  Yeah, how about killing another 11 million immigrants trying to broach our borders?  Good idea?  Bad Idea?  So why are the Democrats going along with all this?  Money Honey!  Some get threatened, some get paid off.  This is economics 101!  Congratulations to the people of Puerto Rico for finally catching on how the system really works.  We wish them well.  Additionally, thank goodness Teresa May is finally out as Prime Minister in Britain.  So who in the world is her replacement:  Boris and Natasha Johnson!  Good Grief, how is this possible?  Dare they have another referendum on BREXIT?  Not likely now…..come on Jeremy Corbin……off and on.  Demand another Vote…….or shutdown the British Government!  Get your folks out on the street and make it happen!  Ah, all just Sweet Dreams….but that is just Heart tune, sung by Ann Wilson!  Guess we all need to just go to bed, cover our heads and wait until 2024, when Alex Ocasio-Cortez will be old enough to run for President.  Not to win….just to scare the living daylights out of everyone!

Rounding up the usual suspects…..again?  OK Bob Mueller…..we are pulling for you buddy!

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