Ross the Boss…..our hero!

“There will be a great sucking sound….”

Ronald Wilson Reagan finished up his eight years as President with a fine legacy of restoring faith in our country, in spite of Iran-Contra,  Ed Meese and his flair ups with Nancy….the so wishy-washy George H.W. Bush and his likable wife Barbara were ushered into office in 1989 on the heels a Reagan’s “Tear Down this Wall…Gorby!” speech.  There was a certain latent hubris that “George the Elder” exhibited during his Presidency.  His protestations of certainty on every Domestic issue.  His desire to put his foot down militarily.  His weakness in the face of  the coming NAFTA.  His most important flaw of all:  “Read my lips….NO NEW taxes!”.  Then he raised taxes that hit the middle class with a brick bat!  Going to the the needless aide and rescue of Kuwait….with “Desert Storm” in 1990-1991 all that following the 1989 battle in Panama for the Escobar Drug Cartel Banks and their money. (But we only killed 693 and wounded about 1000) The truth of the matter was:  George H.W. Bush was an ex-CIA director, Washington insider and had an agenda that was obscured by the strengths of Reagan….and found wanting in his own administration.   “The Create Chaos System”…..sounds a lot like what we have now doesn’t it!

Along comes a interview with a rich Texas Oil Man in 1991 with Larry King.  His name was Ross Perot!  When asked about NAFTA he said:  “There will be a large sucking sound of lost jobs with NAFTA!”  Ross Perot had spent his own cash to chase after Missing in Action soldiers still held in Vietnam.  He further spent money trying to find the Missing dead in Vietnam.  He gave money to a variety of orphans, widows and family members of our MIA’s and missing dead soldiers.  Larry King in a very jocular sense said after Ross had his third interview:  “Ross you ought to run for President!”  Ross responded:  “Hey, I probably couldn’t do any worse than what we have now!”  And so the journey began.  There are several odd issues involving Ross Perot and his run for President.  When “United We Stand” and the American Reform Party became a reality, because Ross was willing to spend $63 million dollars of his own money…..a valid Third Party Candidate was alive for the first time in over a 100 years of United States History.  The same Democrats, Republicans and Independents that supported Ronald Reagan became enamored by this little guy who a neighbor of the Bush Dynasty in Texas.  Ross the Boss, has one thing in common with Reagan, “the trust factor”.  Like him, don’t like him…..Ross the Boss was the real article.

The harsh realities soon raised their heads in the election of 1992 – Bush, Clinton and Perot!  Bush tried to buy off Perot, because he knew as the days went by, he was stealing valuable votes he needed to defeat Clinton.  Ross had ideas about another Regional Airport outside of Dallas and DFW.  To make that happen, he needed a literal freeway, land access and lots of Government intervention.  Love Field became a soon to be reality.  However, Ross knew that Bush was a backstabber and could shut that deal down as soon as the election was over.  Ross didn’t take the bait, just said thank you very much and acquired all the land he needed between DFW and the soon to be Love Field.  Then things got nasty.  Within 30 days of the election, the CIA, FBI and maybe the DEA let Ross know that his family was in mortal danger including his daughter unless he withdrew from the election.  People forget that Ross Perot was an insider in Washington D.C.  He had been involved with various Agencies for years, including lots of the Military Industrial Complex.  Ross the Boss got 13% Nationally, in a totally Independent run for President and Bush was defeated by Bill Clinton who had been deeply involved in the Mena, Arkansas Drug Deals with the CIA and of course his best buddy – Mike Huckabee, who was his Lt. Governor at the time.

So, seeing that Clinton was nothing more than a warmed over Bush, Ross (who quit and then decided to face the dangers and run again) in 1996 made another run against Clinton.  Meanwhile, the United We Stand group and the American Reform Party started to segment and completely fall apart.  United We Stand had been infiltrated with some pretty bad people.  It was not the same original formula, as most  political parties become over time.  Twisted Sisters and Warped Brothers in Arms!   Thusly, ushering in the modern day leftovers called:  “Citizens United”!   Yes, you are correct the same who fought the Federal Election Commission, saying that Corporations are People!  The same group that did and will support Trump!  This element included a bunch of 2nd Amendment, Evangelicals and Conservative Democrats which sadly were not part of the entire concept.  They were basically looking for paycheck and a hope to become in a position of power.  Clinton in 1996, sensed this and pandered to these folks, gobbling up most of the real support for Ross the Boss.  We can always say that “IF” Ross had not quite because of the threats to his family, the momentum was there and he could have won the election of 1992 going away.  Bush cut him and Clinton did the rest.

So, what can we say about Ross the Boss and how just a couple of exposures on Larry King and CNN changed American history?  The truth is that Ross the Boss was feisty, caring and person we would have loved to have coffee with.  He would talk straight, he may not tell you everything but if you asked him something… got the real deal.  We voted for Ross both times he ran, in spite of realizing we were not going to win the 2nd time.  To this day, we still think of Ross Perot as a spirited American.  Someone we will miss and should have met and chatted with.  This is our loss and we are jealous of those who knew him, loved him and had the opportunity to dialogue with him!  As a footnote of history; it was Ross the Boss Perot that was the first to say on National Television about NAFTA:  “The Devil is in the details!”


Ross the Boss- our hero!  Rest in Peace with all our love!






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