Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, Fearsome Foursome, Sergeants Four or the Four Square Squadron?




How sensitive to any criticism is this so-called President?  Only Richard Milhous Nixon and Lyndon Baines Johnson were as sensitive to anyone that wanted to correct their behavior.  Ike, totally disregarded negative comments, but then he had been a General of the Armies and understood that negative comments were just part of the job.  Then there was Harry S. Truman.  Harry was a small town boy from Independence, Missouri.  Bess was his wife and his daughter played awful piano.  Harry, just shut his eyes and did whatever came into his mind at the time.  Then there was JFK, who was a revolutionary type that was so rich he just didn’t care that people were racists or greedy Military, Industrial, Complex nasty people.  He didn’t care that J. Edgar Hoover wanted him dead or that the CIA was dumber than squat.  So, JFK let his younger brother RFK act out and it cost him his life.  Jimmy Carter had a drunk for a brother and wasn’t exactly adept at making insider friends in Washington D.C.  His wife was a lovely Church going lady that always made him look good.  Jimmy, made a bunch of very bad choices and was lucky to remain a ONE Term President.  Ronnie Reagan had Death Valley Days, a Governorship and one tough little First Lady that didn’t tolerate farting in the Whitehouse!  Much less any other shenanigans!  Along comes George H.W. Bush and his quintessential mom image wife Barbara.  George was dirty and sold out early, went to a stupid war and was the guy that may have only gotten ONE Pinocchio, but it was a beauty:  “No new taxes ….EVER!”……Oops!  Then we had the dreaded Bill and Hillary with their Waco, Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky….showtime.  Then of course;  George and Laura…….and their eight years of 9/11 and war and Abugrave, Falluja (Hanging Blackwater guys!) and the end of stability in the Middle East for the next 50 years!  Finally, we got Michelle and Barack Obama, a black man and the first one to be an American President.  They tried everything, but only could manage to bust him for smoking Marijuana in high school and turning his back during “Fast and Furious”.  We lost one guy in that situation.  Of course he also got Osama Bin Laden and outed the Pakistani’s and Turks for what they are.  He made lasting friends with the Kurds too!   In the last two and half years we have had The Trumpster!  What can be said that hasn’t already been said?  Guess we will wait till we see the Russian Videos of those three Russian babes urinating on his face… be sure that it isn’t all just a bunch of Fake News!

Along comes the Mid-Term Election of 2018!  AOC, Rashid, Ilhan and Ayanna.  Who are these folks?  Good grief they are refreshing to watch on television.  Why do they sound like real people?  Why do they seem to make sense?  We are confused.  Hey, the Trumpster wants us to hate our fellow man….deny others their rights or even a fair deal.  Hey, who cares this is all just theatrical politics right?  We like to put it in to proper perspective:  If Donald J. Trump was running for the local School Board…..would anyone vote for him?  OK, how about City Council?  What about County Supervisor?  What about the California Assembly? OK, then how about the State Senate against John Moorlach?  What about Governor against Gavin Newsome?  Thinking all this through maybe we can try just one more office:  How about Orange County District Attorney against Todd Spitzer or Tony Rackauckas?  OK, what about Orange County Supervisor then?

The truth is that you would be hard pressed to find any elected position that Donald J. Trump could win in Orange County California.  The girls elected in 2018 seem to have captured the imagination of a country, that is pretty well desensitized to politics in general.  The people that we ousted in 2018 included every Republican you can find in ear shot.  So, it is with some trepidation that we find someone like Nancy Pelosi seemingly protecting Donald J. Trump and not listening to the Fearsome Foursome, or the Four Squad or perhaps the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse!  Stuff is happening in this country and this world.  The question is fundamental:  Is the United States going to part of it?

Electric cars are here….they are not coming.  Artificial Intelligence is going to take 40% of all jobs in America within the next five years.  The Population Bomb is going to explode in 2030 and the world as we know it will change inextricably through the conveyance of Climate Change.  We are going to have change the Global Banking System and go to a Digital Cryptographic system.  What that means is known to only the most competent financial experts.  Ask them!  Staying with the present Trumpian Model will guarantee that the United States will face a total financial meltdown in 2025!  What might that mean?  Every Tariff Costs US Consumers big money!  The cost of everything will triple or quadruple.  From food, to rent, to energy costs!  Those that can afford $25 dollar a gallon gasoline and $500 dollar Supermarket supplies….will probably fair well enough to survive.  The rest not so much.  Our advice is to listen to these girls….our Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse!  Listen to the Fearsome Foursome that challenge the Trumpian philosophy.  Listen to the Squad of Four…..and listen carefully to what they are saying.  If not, just remember what we said…..and prepare now……..lots of saving to put away for the future folks.  Lots!  Ever heard of 5G?  You will and when we hit 8G…turn out the lights ….the parties…WAY OVER!







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