Lookin for love in all the wrong places!

When “Urban Cowboy” came out these many years ago, John Travolta and Debra Winger set the screen afire with what was happening at the time regarding “The Cowboy Culture”.  Cowboy Bars were big.  Western gear was being purchased in mass.  The departed Grant Boys was inundated with lots of newly born Urban Cowboys and Cowgirls!  The Disco Era was fading and in response….came the hugely popular “Cowboy Era”.  Alan Jackson said:  “Gone Country” and Barbara Mandrell said:  “I was country when country wasn’t cool”.  Bobby Bare sang about “Numbers”, and dozens of other Country and Western singers…..made some huge Social Commentary all about the Cowboy Culture.  Toby Keith did:  “Should have been a Cowboy!”  Trace Adkins did the crossover hit: “No thinkin’ thang!”.  All in all western boots and cowboy hats were selling like hotcakes.  The social consequences of “Urban Cowboy” included the Mickey Gilley hit:  “Stand by me!” and the several Johnny Lee hits….which mainly starred “Lookin’ for Love!”.  You have to grasp that this was all before RAP Music and Hip Hop.  Artists sang songs that you could understand the words to.  There were messages that affected the values and ethics in our culture.   Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gail….rocked the romance of our culture!

Today, out culture stands on the cliff’s edge.  What musicians relate our values and ethics?  We are being forced to going back into American History to discover our true values and ethical integrity.  In 1972, the LA Music scene included Art Laboe in El Monte,  as well as Lighthouse Jazz in Hermosa Beach.  Little Julian Herrera Memory Night, at El Monte Legion Stadium:  “Come drag or bring a skag!” was the mantra.  Wolfman Jack was broadcasting from Del Rio Texas:  “How’s your buggaloo?” – Response:  “I don’t know exactly know what that is….”  The Wolfman’s response:  “Look Down!”  Don Julian and the Larks put out “Shorty the Pimp”.  These were years after the 1968 Olympics in Mexico and the launch of the Carlos Black Power Salute!  The truth was an important issue in 1972!  The honesty of the music was amazing.  Sam Cooke died in 1964 right after JFK, Otis Redding died in 1967, Malcolm X died in 1965, Janis Joplin died in 1970, MLK, RFK both died in 1968 and Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra took up the mantle……and tried to tell it like it was.  He died in 2003!

We won’t belabor the point, but anyone with a message seems to have a tough time hanging around.  Dylan was knocked off his Motorcycle which happened in 1966 – by unknown assailants!  Dylan had to go underground for some time after that.  John Lennon may have died in 1980, but along with lots of comedians which included everyone from Lenny Bruce to Sam Kennison –  and so many music stars.  Anyone with a message, seems to have a problem for our society!  Any reason for that? Nina Simone had to leave the country…..and died in 2003!

So the tendency in our society is to simply disregard these incidents….forget about people like Laura Nero,  Marvin Gaye and Jimmy Hendrix, John Belushi and so many others….who died under mysterious circumstances!  No conspiracy nuts here…..just observers of anomalies that are too close to coincidences to suit the logic patterns.  The truth is that our society and culture has ruptured.  Will truth ever prevail again, or has the current cultural divide torn the curtain of common sense for the foreseeable future?  A glimmer of hope occasionally lets us have thoughts of a brighter world.    Jon Meacham and Tim McGraw just released a book entitled:  “Songs of America”, which we heartily endorse.  It is a quick and quality read and every American should take a peek.

It seems we have all been “Lookin’ for Love in all the wrong places!” for quite some time.  Time to take a long look at what this society is doing and make some very serious inquiries into why and what we are doing!



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