She used to be my girl….time for reset.


The Trumpster wants to send immigrants to states and Congressional Districts which voted against him in the last election.  We are so sick of hearing that The Trumpster has used unprecedented tactics as the so-called President.   No thanks, this guy has never been anyone’s President and most Americans know it.  When we watched Murder Mountain on Netflix and found out that Russian Mobsters, Eastern Block Gangs, Motorcycle Gangs and Ultra Right Wing Skin heads were up in Humboldt County, running the place … was quite enlightening to say the least.  The Sheriff’s Department won’t go into certain areas…..and there is literally NO cell phone reception north of the city of Mendocino and Fort Bragg.  You get pushed off the narrow roads along the Avenue of Giants and you are virtually GONE!  No one will find you and you might have just stumbled onto the wrong folks by pure accident.  This is in California folks! 

Moving ahead, The Trumpster wants to send all the immigrants to every Sanctuary City in America.  California currently already has over  129 thousand Homeless folks.  Guess he thinks we need more!  Anyway, there are plenty of States and Cities in the United States that are ready, willing and able to bring in more immigrants, with low unemployment, low opioid deaths and low homeless populations   Let’s start with The Trumpster finest SUPPORTERS:  Nebraska; 2.8% Unemployment,  44 Opioid Deaths and 2,421 Homeless.  OK Cornhuskers bring ’em in! Then you have New Hampshire; 2.4% Unemployment, 424 Opioid Deaths, 1,450 Homeless –  The Granite State has lots of room for the new immigrant population.  North Dakota; 2.4% Unemployment, 54 Opioid Deaths,  542 Homeless……Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox are waiting for those new immigrants.  Oklahoma;  3.3% Unemployment, 388 Opioid Deaths, 3,871 Homeless!  Boomer Sooners…….you got a lot of Indian land that those immigrants could help fix!  South Carolina;  3.2% Unemployment, 749 Opioid Deaths, 3,933 Homeless.  Load up those Jasmine Blossom Specials and bring in more immigrants.  South Dakota; 2.9% Unemployment, 42 Opioid Deaths, 1,159 Homeless.  Yeah, The Mount Rushmore State has enough room to add The Trumpster and lots of immigrants.  Senator Grassley’s home state of Iowa has 2.4%  Unemployment, 183 Opioid Deaths, 2.749 Homeless.   The Hawkeyes have lots of room to grow, even after the terrible flooding and the lack FEMA failures.  Mike Pence of course from the dumb bunny state of Indiana also is a great target;  3.5% Unemployment, 794 Opioid Deaths, 5,258 Homeless.  Why they haven’t moved the Indiana Pacers yet, is amazing!  Indy?  Please…….start your engines and bring in the cheap labor immigrants.

There are lots more States that can take these immigrants, buy cars, rent houses, buy houses, go to Walmart and improve their economies.  The truth of the matter is that the Democrats have to take this opportunity to bring the figures to the Trumpster Administration and ask “What is the problem?”  Why do we want to incarcerate little kids and their moms?  Are they all Pablo Escobar’s political contacts? 

She used to be my girl……..Mr. Trump!   Time for a reset! 

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