Correa Stays Schizo on Immigration, urges Comprehensive Reform.




A couple weeks ago, Cogressman Lou Correa was furious with me, calling my friends (but not me!) demanding that I take down my story accusing him (and Assemblyman Tom Daly) of “supporting Trump deportations and ICE in OC jails.” 

Well, what other conclusions are we supposed to draw from those two politicians endorsing, and managing to help elect, a new OC Sheriff (Don Barnes) who opposes California’s Sanctuary State Law and does what he legally can to skirt it and co-operate with ICE?

Well, last week Lou continued his mixed signals on the immigration issue, signing a letter (his spokesman claims, “leading 20 Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus”) urging the new Democratic majority to pass legislation granting DACA and TPS-recipients a pathway to citizenship within the first 100 days, and also work toward comprehensive reform.  We agree with this letter:

Dear Leader Pelosi:

As we prepare for the 116th Congress, we urge you to bring legislation that would put Dreamers and individuals with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) on a pathway to citizenship to the House Floor within the first hundred days. Bringing such legislation to a vote would end the uncertainty that is currently plaguing more than 3.5 million people by one count – not to mention their families and communities – with these temporary and tenuous statuses.

Currently, there are nearly 3.2 million Dreamers in the United States. Though the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has provided approximately 800,000 Dreamers with temporary protection since its inception in 2012, it is by no means a permanent solution and has been continuously challenged in the courts by the current Administration. Our Dreamers deserve the certainty to plan out their lives, so that they can stop living in fear and continue contributing to our nation.  (Read the rest of the letter here.)

Yes, all of that should be definitely passed ASAP by the new Democratic Congress, though it’s pretty far-fetched to think it would survive the Senate and President Trump.  In any case, as long as this President, who’s found his political purpose in demonizing immigrants, is in power, California is going to need its Sanctuary State Law, and it does not help for the OC to be stuck four years with a Sheriff who resents that law and finds passive-aggressive ways to skirt it.

If Lou Correa really cares about the immigrants in the majority-Latino district he represents, he needs to re-think the cute & clever politics that he’s perfected over the decades, and stop fucking up the progress we progressives and Democrats are trying so hard to achieve in this county.

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