Spitzer & Murdock come to Los Amigos: NOW with VIDEOS!




Put on your driving-across-town hats – insurgent DA candidate Todd Spitzer will be coming to speak at this (Wednesday) morning’s Los Amigos meeting, and he’s bringing along his former (Democratic) rival Brett Murdock, who endorsed him a couple months ago against worse-than-no-DA-DA Tony Rackauckas.

So come to Jagerhaus Restaurant on Ball right between Sunkist and the 57 – 8AM sharp – to catch the slicked-back-hair Dynamic Duo of Orange County Justice!  Because the desire to get rid of T-Rack’s corruption, cronyism, incompetence, lying and cheating is indeed BIPARTISAN.

Apparently Brett will be working with Todd in some capacity, which can only be good.  For one thing maybe Brett can convince Tony that the OC GOP orthodoxy against the SB 54 Sanctuary State law is at best misinformed and also crypto-racist.

I believe I will re-print Brett’s endorsement of Todd here:


Murdock Supports Spitzer’s Commitment to Update the DA’s Antiquated and Failed Policies that Jeopardize Victims and their Families

Orange County August 1 –Today, former DA primary opponent and victims’ rights attorney Brett Murdock endorsed Todd Spitzer for Orange County District Attorney. Murdock earned 22.4% of the vote in June’s Primary Election. With Murdock’s votes and the share of vote Spitzer garnered in June that easily puts Spitzer in a winning position in November.

Brett Murdock said, “This decision was a clear choice. Todd Spitzer has my 100% support and I urge every citizen in Orange County to vote for him in November. Todd is the change we need, and I am completely confident he will always put the people’s safety first, not his own political interests.”

“I’m honored to have Brett’s full support. We both agree that the people of Orange County deserve a new District Attorney – someone who brings bold, fresh leadership and will always have the courage to do what’s right,” stated Todd Spitzer.

Spitzer continued, “Brett and I also agree that the DA’s office needs numerous policy updates such as providing the latest training to the rank and file deputies, empowering them to do the right thing–not simply bowing to political pressure.”

Murdock concurred with Spitzer that numerous policies must be updated in the DA’s office such as:

  • The use of a snitch program will be utilized only with the strictest adherence to the lawful use and with the complete production of documents provided to the defense during a prosecution where an informant was utilized.  Spitzer agrees to work to implement recommendations coming from the ACLU litigation presently pending in Federal District Court.

  • The DA’s office will make a significant investment in proven and effective rehabilitation efforts such as collaborative courts, youth programs, and in-custody job training programs in order to stop the revolving door of recidivism.

  • Prosecutors will be held to the highest ethical standards; will eliminate the “win at all costs” mentality of the current administration and evaluate prosecutors based on the “whole prosecutor and his/her contribution to the team” and not solely based on trial record and conviction rate.

  • Will implement robust new policies and procedures that end the culture of sexual harassment in the current DA’s office and the mistreatment of women.

  • Will implement risk assessment tools and detention release criteria to evaluate what appropriate bail, if any, should be required to ensure the attendance of the defendant during criminal proceedings.


Todd’s opening statement, as introduced by Brett Murdock.

Questions and answers, pt 1

More questions and answers.

Duke Nguyen, Sheriff candidate.  (I missed the first couple minutes)

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