Trump’s Little Sister: At 99% agreement, there’s no daylight between Mimi and Donald.




Mimi Walters: “It is very important that Republicans back the president, He’s the president of our party. He stands for what we stand for.“

Wow.  99%.  Voting with our Mad King THAT dependably.  Not even our Royce, Rohrabacher and Issa are that slavishly, unquestioningly obedient to all Trump’s authoritarian whims.  99% is true devotion, makes you wonder what that little 1% demurral was.

But I guess the 45th District shouldn’t be surprised, if they’ve really been following the Republican politician Mimi Walters throughout her career, as this blog has.

Why would Mimi NOT support Trump’s zero-tolerance policy of ripping away thousands of children from their asylum-seeking parents and losing them in the system, or the totally useless and wasteful $50+ Billion Border Wall?  Mimi has, from the beginning, been part of the California GOP’s extremist anti-Mexican, Prop 187 fringe, the fringe that has made the Republican Party  such an ever-shrinking, bitter and impotent force in California.  When Trump came down that elevator and babbled about murderers, rapists, and a Big Beautiful Wall, Mimi must have said to herself, “Now THERE’S a President I can work with!”

Why would she be offended at the President’s racist anti-Muslim ban?  One of our earliest stories about Mimi covered her racist 2008 campaign against Harry Sidhu, exaggerating the Indian-American’s “otherness” by carefully darkening his skin on all her flyers – and it WORKED!  Got her into the State Senate.

Why would she mind all of the President’s daily, hourly LYING?  Don’t forget that Mimi wouldn’t be where she is right now, representing the good people of the 45th district in Congress, if she hadn’t lied through her teeth about where she lived during her 2012 state Senate race – faking a residence in a small Irvine apartment while never leaving her and her husband’s plush Laguna Niguel mansion (where she STILL lives, outside of the district she represents.)  Her opponent Steve Young left flowers on “her Irvine doorstep,” and returned week after week to photograph her FADING FLOWERS.

And why would she have ANYTHING against the lifelong cheat, liar and thief now holding the White House?   THAT would be jarring, given how she and her husband’s business Monarch Staffing made them their great wealth – billing state prisons to send out medical contractors (doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists) and then stiffing those contractors or not paying them until they sue.  VERY Trump-like behavior!

But is Mimi right when she says that Republicans must back Trump because “He’s the leader of our Party, and he stands for what WE stand for?”  Well, that’s up to Republican electeds and Republican voters to decide, but it’s pretty depressing if true.  Is the Party of Lincoln, the Party that ended slavery, now the Party that excludes immigrants based on their race or religion, that uses family separation to discourage perfectly legal asylum-seeking?  Is the Party of Eisenhower now the Party that values Russia, Putin and other dictators over OUR OWN SECURITY AND DEMOCRACY, and over the trusted allies who have stood with us since World War II?  Has it officially become the Party of nepotism, self-dealing and jawdropping propaganda?

Some of Mimi’s votes during this year and a half that she’s loyally, unquestioningly followed this autocrat:  

Walters voted to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, a piece of legislation that has helped millions of people gain access health insurance. Her preferred alternative was a Republican bill that would have caused more than 20 million people to lose health insurance, according to non-partisan researchers. In addition, the bill she voted for would have eliminated protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, instituted an “age tax” for people aged 50-64, and caused premiums to skyrocket.

Walters also championed the unpopular Republican tax bill even though it will raise taxes by $12 billion on a million Californians. (Something even Rohrabacher balked at.)  Homeowners in Orange County can thank Walters when they are forced to pay an additional $4,500 in taxes this year. An L.A. Times poll found the tax bill deeply unpopular with Californians, yet Walters continues to brag about her vote on it. A big business lobbying group is even running television ads touting her vote that helps wealthy corporations rake in billions of dollars while leaving California workers behind.

Furthermore, the staunchly anti-abortion Mimi promises to be no help at all to women when Roe v Wade is on the cutting block soon.  This is what Republicans must back Trump on, what the Grand Old Party stands for?  Well, allrighty then.

In short, it’s probably bad news for Mimi that an NBC-Washington Post poll from last month shows that by YUUUUGE margins, voters – ESPECIALLY voters in swing districts like CA-45 has become – don’t want to be represented by a Trump sycophant like Mimi, but someone who promises to be “a CHECK” on the Orange Monster.  That’s 52% to 19% for a CHECK on Trump.  And this was BEFORE this week’s internationally televised TREASON.

And it should be good news for Mimi’s Democratic challenger, the fine progressive Katie Porter.  That is, if the Democrats and independents of Irvine, Tustin, Orange, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Laguna Hills and Woods remain as engaged and energized as they have been.  And if the Republican voters down there put a half-second of thought into their votes rather than going with habit and brand-name loyalty.  Senator Elizabeth Warren assures us – there will be no more reliable check on Trump than a Congresswoman like Katie, a “consumer advocate who has spent decades taking on the big banks that hurt middle-class families – and winning.”

Still, somebody in Irvine should check on that lonely apartment Mimi rented back in 2012, and see if those faded flowers are still out there on the front porch…

“These faded flowers, precious as memory,
A veil of clouds, correct as energy.
We had some good machines, but they don’t work no more.
I loved you once; don’t love you any more.”

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