We Splurge for “Cat Condos,” while closing La Palma Check-in Center for Homeless People.




From tonight’s Anaheim Council Agenda: Over $10 mil for cat condos, Cut the funding for a homeless service center at La Palma park!

$7.7 and 3.4 mil for animals and cat condos –

That the City Council, by Motion, approve the attached Notice of Intent with the County of Orange for animal care and shelter services for the period of July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019 at an estimated cost of $3,445,555 and authorize the Mayor, or his designee, to execute said Notice on behalf of the City.

The Participation Agreement has a ten-year term and defines the roles and responsibilities between the County and City for the funding and construction of the new regional animal shelter in the City of Tustin. The City of Anaheim, the County, and 14 contract cities (including Anaheim) are paying their proportional share of the $35 million cost of construction. The County “pre-funded” the construction and is allowing contract cities to pay their proportional share in a lump sum or over a tenyear period in equal installments paid on a quarterly basis. Anaheim’s share of the shelter cost is approximately $7.7 million and is being paid in equal installments over a ten-year period. The new Animal Care Shelter is now open and operational.

Honorable Judge Carter Holds Court on the Homeless Issue!

Judge David Carter, who will be holding his next “Carterpalooza” tomorrow in Santa Ana, is demanding that we “copy the failures of the past as soon as possible or risk my wrath” – This incongruent statement is lost to the reality of deaths on the streets. And the judge plays on…

Many city and county leaders were in the federal court room, but Anaheim and Santa Ana were special targets that day. Homeless people are on the firing line with targets on their backs and the judge seemed to support the right thing with his initial demand of “housing first.” At the same time, however, he also asked for more shelters that lead to nowhere but death. The message was confusing:  do the right thing but let’s continue doing the wrong thing.

And do you always take the wrong path because the other path is not open?  – So you lead the troop down the wrong path and all the dutiful kids fall off the edge of the cliff.  “Yes” is the explanation –  “the other trail wasn’t open and we had to walk somewhere, so don’t blame me”.

Another analogy for those of you blanking out – Judge Carter is a military man;  imagine his orders are: We must wait for the tanks to arrive as the battlefield is strewn with the dead – all the experts and any one with a lick of sense knows that is the only road to victory in a trench battle – but in the meantime move your divisions over the parapet and launch a frontal attack!

The judge proclaims righteous knowledge of the subject of homelessness while deciding to ignore the fact based information and move down the same path to the cliff – the same frontal attack over the parapet in our efforts to rid humanity of the bane of homelessness. This does not serve the purpose and solve the puzzle but continues on the path to death, the imminent cliff, ever administered by the county leaders and cities for the last decade.

The judge applauded the “Bridge to Death at Kraemer” which has lost at least one homeless person in the last few months as well as many evictions.  People that lived for years on the river bed succumbed to the stress and disease prevalent in the cramped environment of “Bridges to Nowhere at Kraemer”. So what should they call it is the question – the “Bridge to Death at Kraemer” or “Bridges to Nowhere at Kraemer”?  Send your vote to the Honorable Judge Carter.

Do the shelters like Courtyard and Kraemer make sense? They meet no federal, state, or even the counties own guidelines for success with the homeless population and fail to lead to their eventual reintegration into society. They make sense alright, nonsense. The shelter system is just that, complete nonsense nothing more.

In their twisted reality it seems they just do not care whether the homeless people live or die. This is true of our city and county leader’s performance in the last few years as the homeless deaths stacked up on the streets and in the shelters – 20 a month since the beginning of the year.

At the Motels it wasn’t much better as at least 3 have died in Baymont, the motel on Beach Blvd, in the last few months.

The judge tells everyone to get along and build support systems for the homeless people which include housing. At the same time he said the shelters were a good thing and they need to build more, right away, across Orange County.

Shelters like the Court Yard are just a giant room with mats on the floor or military style cots. The people are stacked in like sardines with no heat or air-conditioning. Food is hit or miss and there are not enough bathrooms for a typical 5 bedroom home in Orange County and this facility is for 400 people. There are a minimum of 700 police calls for service each month.

But, Animals Rejoice!

The new 10 acre $35 million animal shelter in Tustin is a model facility- every cage and kennel is in a sound-proof, air conditioned room with liberal use of glass throughout. The cats have mid size cat condos. The dogs have gates to open areas so they might stroll at their leisure. The cats have a large out door play area to reduce their stress.

“OC Animal Care moved from its 4.5-acre facility in Orange, to a new 10-acre shelter in Tustin, outfitted with more accommodations for the animals, like play areas and air-conditioned kennels”.

Chicken laws vs homeless people

A chicken farm in California has rules that give chickens more rights than a homeless person and more room.

“Cage-free housing system means an indoor or outdoor controlled environment for egg-laying hens within which the egg-laying hens are free to roam unrestricted, are provided enrichments that allow them to exhibit natural behaviors, including, at a minimum, scratch areas, perches, nest boxes, and dust bathing areas, and within which farm employees can provide care while standing within the hens’ usable floor space.”

Where have we come to in our court battle to save homeless people and return the system to the right track NOT the track where animals come first!  In Orange County dogs plus cats enjoy air-conditioned condos, stress free out door Feng Shui environments and chickens have protection by law. The animals thrive while government leader’s lounge by their pools and homeless people continue to die on the streets for lack of services.

Tens of thousands of apartment units rise in months in each and every city in this wealthy county, luxury facilities for dogs and cats are quickly erected,
and we cannot save the people on the streets?

The judge seems to be a nice guy with a little knowledge of the intricacies of the problem and the solutions. Sometimes a little knowledge hurts and does not help. It is as if he is saying “this is a complicated issue- everything that has been done has failed and we should duplicate it exponentially and… make it quick”.

The city and county personnel have been given the information multiple times. They have been given studies from the Federal government, state government, United Way and UCI, as well as conducting a study of their own that resulted in the County 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness. These were all inclusive with solutions based both on recent statistics as well as statistical facts dating back 39 years. They just lack the humanity needed to resolve the homeless issue with any chance of success.

It is time to rethink the whole issue and choose facts, solutions, and the lives of people over animals.

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