Will the strong Net Neutrality language of California’s SB 822 (Wiener) be restored?




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(Stolen outright from someone sharing a post by AD 53 ADEM delegate Nancy Kim:)



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If you don’t know why we need net neutrality, just imagine having to pay extra to read all of the non-corporate sites you read, or not being able to download them as quickly as corporate sites … or not being able to get access to them at all.  THAT is what Net Neutrality prevents — and we’re losing federal protection for it!  This is California’s chance to fix it!

Below are the Members of CA State Assembly’s Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee. In today’s hearing, they can restore SB 822 back to its original language and save internet democracy. Please call them TODAY FIRST THING THIS MORNING (vote is today, Tuesday!) 

Just give your name and zip code, and politely (but urgently) ask that the Assemblymembers restore SB 822 to its original language, since Assemblyman Miguel Santiago pulled its teeth out last week:

Ed Chau (Chair) Dem – 49
Assembly Member Ed Chau
(916) 319-2049

Kevin Kiley (Vice Chair) Rep – 06
Assembly Member Kevin Kiley
(916) 319-2006

Catharine B. Baker Rep – 16
Assembly Member Catharine B. Baker
(916) 319-2016

Marc Berman Dem – 24
Assembly Member Marc Berman
(916) 319-2024

Ian C. Calderon Dem – 57
Assembly Member Ian C. Calderon
(916) 319-2057

Jesse Gabriel Dem – 45
Contact Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel
(916) 319-2045

Jacqui Irwin Dem – 44
Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin
(916) 319-2044

Kevin Mullin Dem – 22
Assembly Member Kevin Mullin
(916) 319-2022

Jay Obernolte Rep – 33
Assembly Member Jay Obernolte
(916) 319-2033

Eloise Gómez Reyes Dem – 47
Assembly Member Eloise Gómez Reyes
(916) 319-2047

Update from Vern Tuesday afternoon

The committee members received many calls from all of you.  For now the bill has passed this particular committee WITH the poison amendments, but talks are going on between Committee Chair Chau and bill author Senator Wiener to get them out, however that works.  Wiener does NOT want to see the bill even proceed with the Santiago amendments.

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