Corny Copia and the NFL Daft!




“Corny Copia” made me think of the EP “Cream Corn From the Socket of Davis” by the Butthole Surfers, and this is the back cover – ed.

We stopped doing the Fantasy Football thing a couple of years ago.  It was too obvious that if you didn’t get the three top QB’s, the best tight ends and the hottest running backs, wide receivers and two hot kickers……you were going to be toast by week three.  Then you start to bring in all the elements of the injuries and the fact that teams designate hit men who are really targeting other key players and suddenly, you finally get the picture….that even if you win….the whole thing is really rather depressing.  Then you add the Professional Football Fantasy TV Punditry to the mix and well…..never mind!  OK, but the NFL Draft is always interesting.  Fascinating actually.  The NFL is a very dirty business and there are plenty of bad games to go around.  To put it into perspective you do have to know that we love Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks and of course Arron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.  In the last few years, we also started liking the Oakland Raiders because of their quarterback Derek Carr who got injured ….on purpose, by the bad guys!  Wishing the Raiders well this year and the next when they go to Las Vegas!  That will be very big, that opening season!

OK, we hated Cam Newton for a long time, now we love him….the Panthers got robbed in that Super Bowl.  Don’t like The Eagles much…..that game was fixed too!  Like the Rams and Number 16 Goff…..Don’t like the Chargers…cause they will never will win with Phil Rivers…..ever!  Hate the Broncos but love John Elway.  Hate the Browns…..they have terrible management.  Don’t like the Jaguars because we aren’t thrilled with Jamison Winston.  The Giants are always a joke….with Eli at the helm.  Yeah, and on the Browns:  Johnny Manziel?  Now they take Baker Mayfield?  Good Grief….do all of their Quarterback picks have to have dysfunctional character flaws?  In fact, all the Rookie Quarterbacks this year are really dismal and ridiculous.  We thought we hated the Rookies from last year….this crop is worse, really bad.  Josh Rosen?  Really?  What an arrogant dupe!  Josh Allen?  Another giant arrogant dupe!  We will reserve judgment on Sam Darnold and Mason Rudolph for the time being however.

There have been some very touching stories and touching moments during the first three rounds of the NFL Draft however.  Kids that have had their parents give up everything….so they could succeed.  When does that happen anymore?  You know, where parents are willing to do without in order to give their children a head’s up in life?  Those are great stories and we applaud those families and friends that may appear to be front runners now…..but have actually sacrificed over many years.  To the kids, most of them that will not make it in the NFL, and to those who will play their 2.4 years before injury or productivity fails or befalls them…..God bless each and every one!  Especially, the Griffin Brothers at Seattle!

With the NFL Draft as the backdrop, lets talk about Kim Jong Un, the Korean Unification, DeNuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and Peace in our time…… Amazing that the Trumpster NOW wants to take full credit for all of this and the Winter Olympics!  Hey, without China and President Xi giving the approval…none of this would have happened.  Kim Jong Un, was born on Elvis’s birthday and that should have told us something!  Kim is going to get a whole bunch of manufacturing facilities for Hyundai, Kia and Infinity autos and trucks.  Kim is going to even get a GM plant for American vehicles…….can the FCA be far behind with all those Fiat – Chrysler – Ram Trucks?  How about all the parts suppliers that will be able to pay low wages for 15 years.  Yep, this isn’t personal…it is all about business!

Meanwhile, because the Trumpster is screwing around with our NAFTA Agreements….the price of cars and trucks in this country will skyrocket by the end of the year.  Idiot!  Hopefully Angela Merkel can talk some sense into this “Fool on the Hill”.  But we doubt it.  We are just praying that all the information that Herbie Ray McMaster gave our “Fearless Leader” before he left the White House, about Sunni’s in Saudi Arabia and Shiite’s in Iran, Syria, Iraq and Yemen……that maybe 10% got through his thick skull.  Mr. Prez:  The Saudi’s are Sunni’s!  Get it?  The Iranians are Shiite’s!  Get it?  Leave the Iranian deal alone….please!  Meanwhile, get our folks out of Afghanistan or create Pashtoonland between the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan and place troops their for 50 years.  Meanwhile, get our folks out of Syria or create a New  Kurdistan along the border between Turkey and Syrian and Iraq …..and leave troops there for another 50 years in insure the peace!

Meanwhile, lets send some more manufacturing to Iraq, Iran, Cuba and any other place that is hungry to put their people to work.

So, as we watch the last four rounds of the NFL Draft today…..and hold our breath for that famous LAST Selection of the 2018 NFL Draft and the naming of Mr. Irrelevant….(Trey Quinn, 256th, Wide Receiver out of SMU) with all the pomp and ceremony that goes with that…….Congratulations to everyone that gets the opportunity to make it big in the NFL….which of course includes Donald J. Trump!  Please Don’t Take a Knee!  Also, our most sincere congratulations to Koreans everywhere!

Corny Copia and the NFL Daft!  Ya gotta love it!



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