To Park in Anaheim… or NOT to Park. THAT is the question.




To Park or Not to Park, That is the Question.

There was a permit parking workshop in the Anaheim City Council chambers on Tuesday night.  We seek today the undiscovered country, the open space to park our car.

Alas poor Anaheim I knew it well, a city with flowing fields of oranges, grapefruits, avocados and strawberries, and it was a most excellent place. To know that sweet parking space right out front of your home or apartment that you coveted, expected… but do you own it?

Whether it is better to park in front of your neighbor’s house or in front of your house or be forced to park half a mile away because the apartment dwellers nearby all park in front of your house.  Or to be an apartment dweller and family with 4 cars and 2 parking spaces, and desire to park but the neighboring street is permit only.  So you drive farther and farther to find that spot- that sweet spot- where you, an Anaheim apartment dweller, is allowed to park – in Buena Park.

You could take up arms against this sea of cars and burn down the apartments. When you get out of jail in 10 years they will be rebuilt in even tighter density because the politicians and bureaucrats themselves are denser still than anything they could ever allow legally or illegally to be built.

By opposing and ending the apartments they will come back bigger and denser. That is the way of this growing county. It might bring you heartache as a thousand apartments add 3,000 shocks or more to the parking spaces in any neighboring neighborhood.

The apartment dwellers, outnumbering the home owners 10 to 1, could shuffle off their parking coil, take up political arms and defeat the homeowners in email and council chamber battles.

As we sling arrows at each other the Planning Commission laughs.  Yes, the Planning Commission, despised in the insolence of its office that has led to this tragedy as its scoffs at the common man.

To sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream of that perfect parking spot. For in that sleep we forget the parking nightmares played upon us by unnamed oppressors in the city government. We are the played upon in an endless game of Whac-a-Mole.

If we look to the future when we slough off this mortal curse and seek recompense in the afterlife we ask, “will there then be a parking spot for everyone?” In that thought of the unknown from which no driver returns, should we then in life, accept our fate to search the city for a space in quiet resolution?

Any way you look at it, Shakespearean or otherwise, we bear the failure of the city employees and government officials to adequately regulate parking in Anaheim.

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