My unpleasant conversation with Mike Levin’s biggest supporter.




When Irvine’s Mike Levin suddenly jumped into the race against horrible 49th district Republican Darrell Issa, challenging Democratic Oceanside Marine Colonel Doug Applegate who’d almost beat Issa in 2016, it raised the eyebrows of all those who expected the Colonel to be the only Democratic candidate in 2018.

The promotion of Levin’s candidacy by Orange County Dems considered as republicans-lite, such as the “Liberal OC” blog, made this challenge even more questionable.  In November I posted a comment about this connection: “Somewhere I read that the public relations firm owned by Dan Chmielewski represents technology companies such as…. One of these companies, CleanTechOC, was founded by Mike Levin. Dan C is supporting Levin’s run for Congress. Has he disclosed this business connection?”

In February I added: “I guess that the until recently undisclosed Dan C and Levin business relationship has not been an issue.  I discovered this relationship in a fairly easy manner, clicking in a link forwarded to me in which a relative of Dan C listed some of his business history, which included Levin. Dan C went nuclear, claiming that I was using some weird cyberspace techniques to snoop into his business practices.”

Chmielewski started calling me names, especially when I questioned his political positions.  I ignored him.  Other characters  in his blog also started to target me.  One of them, who uses the fictitious name “David Vasquez,” accused me of harassing his family.  I ignored him as well, but he kept repeating this absurd accusation.  At the same time, Dan C increased his attacks, endlessly repeating his misreading of how I got the link mentioned above.  He keeps saying that I claim that it was sent to me by one of his relatives… I sent him a copy of where I got the link.

When “Vasquez” repeated his accusation, I wrote again to Dan asking him to delete it. He ignored my request and doubled down calling me names, insisting that I’d never e-mailed him. Vern, whom I had cc’d in my e-mails to Dan, gave me his phone number.  I made the mistake of calling Chmielewski yesterday.

I again asked Dan to take down the “Vasquez” accusation, and to stop repeating his intentionally distorted reading of how I got the link to his business connections. He yelled at me, repeated his abusive words, and among his diatribes he also repeated the Issa-invented slanders about Applegate’s former marriage.

He then sent me several text messages. A few of them :

“Read what you wrote. You lied about this. No relative of mine sent you anything”

“You wrote a “relative of Dan C”. No one in my family writes for a living except my wife and she has never written about my business. No e-mail about my business. No email from you ever. You are liar. I can sue you for defamation even if I’m a public figure. Knowingly with false intent to defame”

“You are a dishonest piece of shit” “You’re a goddamn liar” “You have no backbone to speak of. You can’t take responsibility for stuff you wrote. Weak.Pathetic.” “I’m calling a lawyer. I have a case”

This guy sounds like President Trump, doesn’t he?!  Paul Lucas has frequently warned us about Dan C’s bully personality.  Dan may  have forgotten that we have our own in-house lawyer.  Fake Vasquez modified his statement to “Someone, claiming to be him, came to my door and asked about me and my background.”  Well, this is the link that was originally sent to me.

Let me wrap up this unpleasant tale with this video reminder of Applegate’s candidacy:

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