New Jobs for out of work Coal Miners!




The recent attempts by the Congress to pass Reform Tax Legislation without finalizing International Trade Agreements, which includes of course a new tact on NAFTA, is total folly.  Tearing up old Trade Agreements, especially NAFTA and or even an attempt at ending the Trans Pacific Partnership is silly beyond reason.  How will the Congress know which American Companies are going gain, lose or be left out of the process without finalizing these agreements?  Which American Companies are so embedded in the Global Economic Community that they will become virtually invisible?  Which American Companies have stuffed all their cigar boxes off shore where no one except some African Potentate knows where the bodies are buried or where the keys to the Safety Deposit Boxes….numbered in Arabic might be found?

The off shoot to all these shenanigans of course are jobs!  The Trumpster seems to think he has already created the Most Jobs in American History in the shortest time ever!  Hmmm.  We need to do a survey in West Virginia to find out just how many Coal Miners have been called back to work and how many have been re-trained for other equal or greater annual salary jobs.  The truth of the matter is that job growth for our kids will have to target new technology….not farming, mall ratting, or gang member activity.  Drugs of course will be still be a great business to get into, as long as our troops keep the Opium Farms in Afghanistan open.  The Big Pharma people, all have an endless supply of scientists situated in every University in the country and around the world developing every conceivable new breed of death drugs with those tiny time capsules which can be activated upon command.  The great Flu Epidemics of the early 1900’s come to mind, as we look deeply into our future.  “The New Death on the Nile” may become another Agatha Christie novel….soon enough.

In lighter news, we do have the great Elon Musk who seems to be the new Bill Gates.  Musk is into Space, Giant Solar Farms, Great Autos, 3-D Manufacturing, fixing Puerto Rico and more.  With the breaking of DNA Sequencing we can immediately start growing new arms and legs for those who have lost them through accidents or cataclysmic events.  Regeneration of Human and Animal Tissue is already a Big Business and will certainly be an area we will want our kids to study and become capable of scientific working in this new Industry.  We would not be surprised if Elon Musk gets into these areas as well.

Everyone talks about “Artificial Intelligence”, as not only a method of “increased productivity” (which means of course: down-sizing, shipping jobs overseas or simply doing away with whole categories of workers within months or even less time!) but as a greater evil.  Yet,  where will the new jobs come from .. if not in fixing the broken Artificial Intelligence Systems?  Super Hackers of a Matrix Magnitude will be required.  Reading people’s thoughts will require that your home computer help you remember birthdays and medical appointments in the beginning – and then it will get a lot worse soon.  Projecting sales ads into our brains will become easier than ever.  People will start to wonder why they are buying Carry Underwood Music or watching Dancing with the Stars!  All this will take folks trained in AI Force Two Training.  People will vote for whoever they Oligarchs want us to vote for.  Every poll will not be FAKED, but Pressure Pointed!  The subliminal 50’s Advertising will be projected into our brains virtually, whether we are walking, running, shopping or driving our cars…..that are actually driving us.  “Alexa, who was the first President of the the United States?”  “Alexa, play a Janis Joplin song!”  “What was the first day of the US Civil War?”

The Matrix Future is here folks….but many have just not realized it yet.  They actually think that buying McDonald’s is still their idea.  They still think that they are buying Diet Coke and Pepsi…..because it is “their idea”.  They think that they know what kind of car to buy because they have freedom of choice – they don’t!  The many millions of programs required for mind manipulation will grow exponentially and virtually require millions of folks working at home to keep up the good works of Government.  Folks wonder why they ask their doctors about drugs that that have no need for, and actually may be dangerous enough to kill them.

The time has come for all of us to grab a bit of reality and understand that our technological society has exceeded our control.  The future is us and many of us will be living to be 300 years old and beyond.  We are all going to have begin to live new lives every five to seven years – Welcome to Ground Hogs day for real.  We are all going to have to understand that our bodies will be totally regenerated back to when we were 25……  This will not particularly make us that happy however, especially when we find out that our neighbors have done the same procedure…..and like someone in OUR immediate family.

The truth is difficult to accept sometimes.  We must all learn to grow as human beings.  We must all learn new things.  We must all pass on our history and knowledge to the younger generation who will be eventually manipulating the strings of our future.  Unless the mature generation is willing to share their resources, their knowledge and their wisdom……the days ahead for the Coal Miners of West Virginia will be looking at some pretty tough times.  As are the people currently working in retail.  There are plenty of Robots waiting and ready to say:  “Have a nice day!” or “NO Worries!”.   Folks will know the truth when their local grocery store has robots replacing produce, dairy or staples in the various aisles of choice.   Or when you don’t even bother to go to the store and have everything delivered by Drone on a daily basis.  The automated grocery carts will also be a tell tale sign.  When all the Electric Vehicles become self-charging from the nearby Solar Farm, and simply charges your credit card directly…..then… may start to get the idea…maybe?

The new jobs of the future will be shocking …no doubt.  The competition for these jobs will immense.  2 million people maybe online at time, just applying for a single job.  There will be no lines waiting.  Amazon, Google or Facebook will be the final authority.  Those economic giants in fact might wind up owning everything on the planet….along with Elon Musk….that is.  So, there you have it……lots of new jobs, just ones we haven’t quite heard of yet…..  Of course, we will still need lawyers however.   But many will be Robots……as they are now.  Doctors?  Not so much!  Nurses?  Nah….the Robots, if currently programmed correctly will not mix up your meds with the heroin addict down the hall.  There is lots to look forward to…in our future.  Solving the Global Warming Crisis issue of 2040 will be challenging.  Just getting some decent food that tastes like food or water that is not Purified with chlorine…..will be big time challenges, with major jobs in the Environmental sphere.

New Jobs for out of work Coal Miners!  You betcha Trumpster….you are doing a great job …no doubt!


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