Weekend Open Thread: The Kurds, Korea and the Kardashsians!




Social Media?  Why?  Face Book?  Why?  Twitter?  Why?  Fake News?  Why?  As Bob Dylan always said:  “The Times they are a Changin!” or perhaps as Hank Williams Jr. said:  “A Country Boy can survive!”

Since November 8th, 2016 our world has changed greatly.  For example:  The I-Phone 7 has been replaced by the I-Phone 8 and you can even get the Apple Dick Tracey phone watch.  In “Hartford, Harrington and Hanford…Hurricanes hardly happen!”, but entire Caribbean Islands have been scrubbed off of vegetation and roof tops and power, along with Houston, Texas and the Florida Keys.  The pro FEMA / RED CROSS Administration wants to paint a lovely paint by the number photo of the events, but when you are talking about years of recovery time – this is no light weight fix and no cheap date either.  Sorry FEMA, where are the Tanker Containers to be filled up with all the junk and trash?  Why is going to take months and years to fix and make liveable?  Where are all the people going to live, in between?

So, starting with the Kardashsian flap……on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills……..  Some bleach blond lady with a great Plumbers butt and POW/MIA outfit threatened a Kardashian shop with a bolo Machete….which she left in the glass door while shout death threats against any Kardashians ever visiting Cuba again!  Whew….where did that come from?  Sounds like someone missed their Opioid treatment and was pretty upset with life in general.

The we have the historic battle of the Network Stars with Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong Un…..throwing verbal hand grenades at each other with impunity.  “Suicide Rocket Man”….vs…..”Totally Deranged”..  Having sent H.R. McMaster a note suggesting that the next time Kim fires a missile over Japan or near Guam ….that it might be a good idea to shoot it down…..if we can.  If we can’t shoot it down….that would be embarrassing…eh? Better get Bebe Netanyahu to do something then….right?  The whole “Nuke Korea” stuff…..is totally a drain on the senses.  So we “Totally Destroy North Korea”….gone 25 million folks…some are very cute children….in case someone might forget.  Meanwhile, Kim will attempt to kill half the population of Japan, most of the people of Seoul, Korea…….and make sure every American with a KIA or Hundai vehicle will never get repair parts for 180 years.  Additionally, this should do enough damage to cause a Nuclear Winter around the Globe for 200 years and destroy the world economy.  Planning…..we love folks that know how to think ahead.

The real news however is really interesting:  The Kurds of Iraq are voting on a Initiative to become Independent in two weeks.  It is totally the right thing to do.  The Syrian Kurds meanwhile are voting to for representation with Syrian Government next week.  Syria?  Isn’t that where they don’t really have a Central Government and we are just still in the process of defeating or trying to defeat ISIS?  Hmmm, sounds like the Syrian Kurds know that it too is time to become Independent and along with their Turkish brothers and sisters the way toward a New Kurdistan is just around the corner.  The United States, Russia and China all need to support the New Kurdistan, with an Independent State and supported with Military equipment and lots of foreign aid…..to create a “Buffer State” between ISIS and all the other terror groups wanting to run rampant across the the Syrian/Turkish/Georgian/Iraqi borders.  The current Administration and even remnants of the past Administration are dreadfully afraid that with a New Kurdistan…there could actually be Peace in the Middle East for the next 50 years.

Meanwhile, back at Kardashian HQ……the business on Rodeo Drive is up!  Heck, most people didn’t even know they had a shop on Rodeo Drive…..this will be great for business and they will probably be able to raffle off the Black Machete that was stuck in the door….or give it away as a door prize to the 1000th person that spends $500 dollars in their shop.

The Kurds, Korea and the Kardashians!  How much fun was all this?  Oh, we forgot the best Jimmy Kimmel quote of the week:  “Trump can’t tell the difference between Melania and Ivanka – much less anything about Health Care!”








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