The Sanctuary States of America




Donald Trump wants to build a $50 Billion dollar wall along our southern border to keep out illegal or non documented immigrants and workers.  On our northern border…….it is very difficult for Americans to even go across the border to “Oh Canada”.  If you are a senior, Canadian officials are looking at you critically because they expect you to buy low cost drugs and smuggle them back across the border to the National People’s Republic of Trumpia! Either that or they are afraid, you might want to immigrate to get their free medical healthcare and screw up their delicate balance of Healthcare for all.  The low end seniors that try this are in for a sudden shock.  As a senior, just try going from Washington to Victoria or New York to Quebec.  Your records are checked and double checked and they know every speeding and parking ticket that you have ever gotten… your life.  Thanks so much Patriot Act for the full transparency!

Meanwhile, Trump wants to halt the influx of any Muslims into the United States as well.  He hasn’t quite closed down the Chinese border just yet, but we are sure that is coming soon.  No more Koreans, no more Philippines and no more Indian HI-B folks.  286,000 of those last year – and when you figure the yearly job growth, those HI-B Visas have accounted for just about 12% of all added new jobs taken by foreign immigrants last year and that has been so for about the last 10-15 years.  Sounds like a lot until you realize that 4 million Baby Boomers are retiring each and every year.  So the shooting figure just to replace our current job force is 3.75 million new jobs.  And that would mean literally a flat growth potential…for the United States of America.  Unless of course you include CEO Salaries and Stock Buy Backs!

However, due to innovation, robotics, nano techology and digital job efficiency reductions…about half of the 4 million jobs being left by Baby Boomers are no longer required.   The demise of manufacturing is a certainty in this country, no matter how many walls you put up or how many immigrants are restricted access to our shores.  California in particular is being picked on by the Trump Administration because it actually has growth, great technology and a burgeoning population….based upon immigrants, their families, the money they make that they spend in this country, the demand for goods and services and the purchase of cars, trucks and homes.  Immigrants from Muslim countries all buy their homes.  Immigrants from Central and South America… their homes.  Immigrants and visitors from China and the Far East in general will buy their own homes.  They buy IKEA furniture, they buy at Costco and Walmart.  They buy and buy and buy and keep our consumer based society operating.  When you seen 10 guys on the corner, waiting for some developer or construction boss to pick them up as day laborers…..they usually drive home in a new or near new Chevy or Toyota Pick up.

Immigrants are the life blood of the new American and Global Economy.  Without them, we will have empty stores, no workers for restaurants, gardening or housekeepers.  Without them, millions will be affected by businesses that go out of business and are not replaced.  The Trump Administration is either blind to these facts or suffers from ” I am in charge here…….” as so stated by Alexander Haig….after Reagan was shot.  Al… were the Secretary of State dummy!

The point is that adding over 4 million people a year to Social Security and Medicare is certainly going to put a dent in the system when we are in fact losing over 2 million jobs a year by attrition.  The answer to Obama Care?  Single Payer folks.  Do away with Insurance Companies, Do away with Big Pharma calling the price on Globally Accepted and Distributed Drugs.  Someone comes up with a new CURE for Cancer or Alzheimers….great…charge what you want for seven years.  No more Drug advertising on Television which is not considered a CURE!  Label our foods, disclose where our fruits and vegetables come from.  Save our environment.  Restrict fracking in Earthquake zones.  No export of refined Gasoline to foreign governments without the Official Approval of the Department of the Defense and the State Department and the Chief Executive and the Administration.  It is about time that someone took responsibility for polluting our nation.

So, California needs to declare itself a Sanctuary State.  It needs to join hands with Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico and several other states and simply say:  Immigrants are welcome here.  Our housing prices are going to go up.  The cost of living is going to go up and the quality of life is going to go up.  You can either join us or walk…..we could care less.  Any vibrant and growing society needs the new blood and even the most objectionable enemies of our own personal beliefs on religion, food or the concepts of reality.  We need the give and take, the push and pull to discover that someone like Mitch McConnell does not speak for the American people, but for his own back wallet…..serving as the Paige Boy for power brokers who have little regard for those of us here in the Hinterland.  All we can do is to help our fellow man – as much as possible, ferret out the wrong doers and stand of the principles of fair play, honesty and allowing all others to “live and let live”.  We call for an immediate National Amnesty for all undocumented workers and residents in this country.  Starting tomorrow….write whatever laws you want and try to enforce them this time.

Finally, we all need to keep our eye and minds and hearts based in the truth of our society – not what is being made up as we go along!

The Sanctuary States of America……they are a wonderful place to be!  God bless Elizabeth Warren and God bless all the Homeless in America which need our help so badly: and are currently not being even admitted to!   Name one Congress person or Senator that is doing something or anything to write a law to fund help for the Homeless in America!  We will call with our Congratulations!  Homeland Security…where are you guys?  Health and Human Services…..where are you guys?  We will be waiting!

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