Open Letter to Republicans – “You Can’t Handle the Truth!”




Jack Nicholson said it in the movie “A Few Good Men”:  “The Truth?  You can’t handle the truth!”

Speaking as life-long conservatives, staunch defenders of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution we can say with a certain specificity that the National Republican Party and those that are running it – are destroying our party for years to come.

Opinion?  Yes, our opinion after watching the results of over eight years of Newt Gingrich philosophically guided objectionism!  Our country has accomplished nothing including telling the American people the truth.  As the Loyal Opposition, their job was to explain the harsh realities of a Global Economy to every voter.  They did not.  

Their job was to explain that Jobs and Manufacturing Jobs in particular in this country needed to come from new innovation, not old technology.  They did not explain that the days of the Buggy Whip were over.  They needed to explain to the American public that they were being over medicated to give jobs to young Big Pharma Sales people and Administrators.  They needed to explain that without a huge immigration population coming into our country, our consumer based companies were all going to fail.  They needed to explain that without a National Health Care System – our Health Care was going to go from bad to worse and that it was our own responsibility to treat our own ailments via the web.

 They were supposed to tell us that that bad food was making us fat, ill and unable to recover from sickness.  They were supposed to tell us that our Environment was seriously at risk, our water quality, our air and our quality of life and even our oceans were soon to be polluted beyond recognition.  They were supposed to tell us that Federal Tax Reform cannot come without finalizing International Trade Packs first.  They were supposed to tell us that raising Federal Tax Rates for the middle class up to $162,000 a year for a family of four from 20% to 25% will be the biggest tax hike since George H.W. Bush.  

They were supposed to tell us that reducing Corporate tax rates in 2017 will do nothing to stop Global Companies from hiding their profits into alternate pigeon holes around the world and not add one job in the American Heartland.  They were supposed to tell us and show us all about ISIS and have several press cover the ISIS captives and philosophy to understand – what those people are fighting for and why we need to go to war with them.

Sending 11 million immigrants back to their countries of origin is an outrage against humanity.  These people, who are not violent criminals and have been here for five years or more……need papers, green cards and our grateful appreciation for all that they have done to work, live and buy the products of this country.  These immigrants in so many cases have sacrificed more than any so-called Natural Born Citizen.  They have given up everything but their hope for a job, a life and the opportunity to do better.  Americans did the same thing in the 60’s when they went to Australia and Canada.

Sending thousands more American troops to kill tan people in the Middle East is very reminiscent of the Vietnam Era.  The price of Military Armaments will go up, all the while rotating our old stuff to our many allies and enemies around the world…sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Why don’t they explain the Grand Sunni/Shiite divide in the Middle East?  Why?

As our Republican party, faces the double down world we live in.. of supreme denial…(Which is not a River in Egypt!)… We leave you with this:  Just answer one question Republican Electeds:  Do we live in a Global Economic-driven Society or not?  A simple YES or NO will do. Because: “You can’t handle the truth?”

Homelessness, Middle Class Jobs, Student Debt, Big Pharma Pricing and Big Oil, Fear Mongering, War Mongering and taking away all if our Civil Rights as Citizens which will include our 2nd Amendment Rights?  Really?  Is that really what you want to do?  Go to your Town Hall Meetings, stand up and be counted and just tell us the truth…..before you are voted out of office.  Fake News?  Yeah….we have been watching you folks espouse Fake Based News for many years and said nothing……but now you guys are in charge and all of you have to stand up responsibly and tell it to our face!

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