The RNC Gong Show with Donnie and Mike!




Mort Sahl, John Houseman in "Three Days of the Condor." Shelley Winters. [Ed. Note: we read through the text kind of quickly; hope that this is OK.]

Mort Sahl, John Houseman in “Three Days of the Condor.” Shelley Winters. [Ed. Note: we read through the text kind of quickly; hope that this is OK.]

Isn’t it so refreshing to have a non-politician running for national political office?  Just great!  We love good cable entertainment.  When The Sopranos came on …we were glued to the tube for five seasons.  When Boardwalk Empire came on, we were stuck for another four seasons.  Game of Thrones ….not so much, even though we have Scandinavian roots.  The White Queen was pretty good, but couldn’t hold our constant attention or pull back from Turner Classic Movies or Turner Classic Westerns.  The fact of the matter is that good old fashioned entertainment is getting harder and harder to find.  It’s almost like the music of today, isn’t it.  Just try and name and sing the latest top hit?  It could be harder than to find someone that knows the three elements of the US Government:  Executive, Judiciary and Congress.  What about the Kingston Trio, The New Christy Minstrels and Peter Paul and Mary?  What ever happened to Mort Sahl, Shelly Berman and Jonathan Winters?  We can’t wait for the new CD “Live at Trump Towers” … following in the vein of “Welcome to the LBJ Ranch!”  We always loved Burns and Allen, Groucho Marx, The Honeymooners, Texaco Star Theater and “I Love Lucy!”  Or in the words of John Houseman in Three Days of the Condor:  “I miss the clarity!”

In this special year of 2016, political discourse and coverage has reached an all-time low.  Tomorrow will begin the lowest form of political discourse entitled:  Presidential Conventions of any party.  Many die hard fans have already watched the Libertarian, Green and Peace and Freedom Conventions along with the American Independent.  The Republican Convention launch in Cleveland, Ohio tomorrow is destined to become a bigger carnival act than Barnum and Bailey could have ever created.  This Convention is designed as “strictly entertainment.”  Much like professional sports, this RNC program will be designed to elicit the greatest emotional recoil and the most emotional appeals to the lower elements of American character.  Name calling, misrepresentations, outright lies and the worst hair in America, will all be on display for four riveting days of boredom.  How bad will it be?  So bad that even Tim Tebow decided in his wisdom “not to make the scene.”  The Trump Campaign has finally chosen their running mate Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana.  Mike’s glued down short white hair stands in stark contrast to the wild wind blow angel hair pasta that Don Trump calls his coif.

Mike Pence is a ne’er-do-well ex-Congressman and, who represented Muncie, Indiana.  Several years ago he came out to California and determined in his wisdom to use “Anti-Earmarks” as his stalwart position.  Some Senator up in Alaska, had just come up with the Bridge to Nowhere, and another eastern Senator came up with an Airport to Nowhere.  Pence used these two items to pump his “No more earmarks agenda”.  It was soon determined that although “earmarks” are used in untoward ways by the Congress, many “earmarks” are actually beneficial and used to add funding for certain necessary Government programs as well.  Let’s just say, Mike Pence was and is NO Congressman Dan Burton, No Senator Richard Lugar or Senator Dan Coats.  Since we have used Muncie transmissions in many ’60’s and ’70’s muscle cars … it is too bad that GM closed its Muncie plant, which had been open since 1935, in March of 2006. Too bad Mike Pence is not going to address what happened to those GM Workers after the plant closed.  Pence is not running for re-election as Governor of Indiana.

The RNC Dog and Pony show will highlight how much better a Trump-Pence Administration will be than a Hillary-Bernie.  It will be amazing to see the list of speakers.  All Trumps – all the time.  Can’t wait to see his Campaign Manager do a 24 hour filibuster routine.  All in all, we will not be watching.  Kind of reminds us of the Canadian Grey Cup.  Nothing about it seems to encourage us to watch the blood-letting.  In fact, we may in fact boycott MSNBC, CNN, FOX and even C-SPAN until after both Conventions.  The Orange County Fair offers a lot more entertainment value, with the live pigs, chickens and sheep.  There is little doubt that Trump-Pence candidacy will encourage more shootings and violence in our society.  Our hearts go out to the Baton Rouge Police Department today.  The coarsening of our society has reached  an apex.  We can think of no other time in our history, even in the 60’s when the respect for human life was so low.

We believe the time has come to make a statement:  No to diatribe TV, No to Big Pharma, No to Big Agra, No to Big Chema,  No to Big Banking … No to Big Media and No to Big Stupidity.  As Howard Beale said:  “Go to your TV and turn it off.  Turn it off!  Don’t listen to these lying, cheating and terrible people!”  We would rather watch re-runs from the 70’s of The Gong Show!  Better entertainment and far  more intelligent!

Let’s give Don and Mike the worst RNC ratings in U.S. history!  Time to do the right thing for a change, folks!

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