The Great 2016 Half-Billion-Dollar HEIST of Anaheim’s Future!




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It is now – let’s see – 5 or 6 hours until the Anaheim City Council vote on whether to give away $550 million of future Anaheim income — $27.5 million a year for 20 years, and that’s before Kris Murray possibly amends it to make it worse — to Disney Corporation and two Chinese corporations to build supposedly four-star luxury hotels … that they would apparently build ANYWAY even without the subsidy.

Kris’ two dependable allies on issues like this – adding up to what we call the “Klepto Majority” – are Jordan Brandman and Lucille Kring.  They are both up for re-election this year, which could cut either way – if they vote to steal half a billion dollars from you and your children, that could be used against them.  On the other hand, they may be expecting to lose, since this is the first time the playing field will be slightly leveled by district elections – so that may be precisely why they’re stealing all the money they can now – a sort of last-minute looting.  We have to point out to Jordan and Lucille tonight:  Even if you lose your elections, you’re still going to have to live with yourselves, look at your neighbors, look at yourselves in the mirror.

Anyway here, taken from the back of a flyer created by STOP DISNEY, is all the basics you need to know to fashion your speech tonight:

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Don’t believe the lies. Here’s what you’ll hear today.

LIE #1: The resort funds 50% of the city’s budget.

TRUTH: The resort also consumes a tremendous amount of resources. After paying for what Disneyland and its surroundings use, only a small percentage of revenue is left to benefit the rest of the city.

WHY Lie? Because SOAR and Disney want you to think you owe them something. You don’t.

*  *  *  *

LIE #2: Four Diamond Hotels give back three times the tax as Three Diamond Hotels

TRUTH: What they really mean is: larger hotels give back more in taxes than smaller hotels.

WHY Lie? Because if they told you we needed to build bigger hotels, you’d laugh in their face. They have to make it sound like resorts in Newport Beach are stealing our guests to make this thing work. It’s a lie. A large 3 diamond hotel without a tax break returns much, much, much more revenue to the city than the same sized 4 diamond hotel with a tax break.

*  *  *  *

LIE #3: This deal creates jobs!

TRUTH: This uses your tax dollars to create at or below poverty rate jobs.

WHY Lie? Because everyone loves creating jobs. Why are we celebrating creating more minimum wage work at Disneyland? Can’t we do better?

*  *  *  *

LIE #4: This deal creates more revenue for Anaheim!

TRUTH: This deal isn’t necessary to create more revenue from Anaheim. These hotels will be built anyway.

WHY Lie? Because these folks think you can’t do math. Make no mistake, because these hotels WILL BE BUILT ANYWAY, the only thing these deals do is GIVE AWAY OVER A HALF BILLION OF YOUR DOLLARS FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON.

*  *  *  *

kris murray petty
kris murray petty

What’s happening TONIGHT?

You will have FIVE opportunities to say something.

This will be a long meeting. Speak as often as you can. Be respectful, but be real.

GENERAL PUBLIC COMMENTS: You’re allowed to talk about anything you want and will probably have two minutes to do so. You’re not supposed to talk about the hotel deals at this time, but you CAN talk about the council putting PROFITS OVER PEOPLE. Talk about how this impacts you, your family, and your neighbors.

“My name is Susan and I live in Anaheim. This council has put profits over people for too long. I want you to stop. I want you to focus on policy and change that improves my community for the people who live there and not corporate profits. Put people over profits.”

SHORT TERM RENTAL BAN: There are many people here today upset about this issue. Join them. Short term rentals (STRs) destroy our communities and create problems for the people who live there. This is yet another example of the council putting profits over people. Banning STRs is the first step in putting broken communities back together.

“My name is Marcus and I live in Anaheim. The council should have never allowed STR’s to come to our neighborhoods without taking time to understand how bad things would get for people who live near them. I want you to stop STRs. I want you to focus on policy and change that improves my community for the people who live there and not the profits of those who don’t. Put people over profits and ban STRs.”

INDIVIDUAL HOTEL DEALS: You have three bites at the apple. This is why we’re here. Be honest, be real, but be respectful.

The council led by Kris Murray, Jordan Brandman, and Lucille Kring will vote to give away $560,000,000 of your money if you don’t stop them. You’ll likely have two minutes to make your point.

“My name is Anna and I live in Anaheim. The council should reject this insane deal that provides absolutely no benefit to anyone who lives in Anaheim. You are stealing OUR money because you value this company’s profits over the people who actually live here. This is wrong. I want you to focus on policy and change the improves my community and the people who live here. Do not believe the lies of SOAR. This deal takes. It does not give. Put people over profits and vote NO.”

Stand up for Anaheim. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

kris murray petty

kris murray petty

kris murray petty


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