Mary Ann Gaido Running for Irvine Mayor. Again.

Larry’s Agran‘s faux newspaper has the announcement.

Mary Ann Gaido


Long time Larry Agran-ally Mary Ann Gaido is trying again to be Mayor of Irvine. She lost to Steven Choi in the 2014 election, 43.0% to 45.4%.  She joins Gang Chen, who may or may not be pals with the Great Park developers, as an announced candidate for the fall election.

The timing of this announcement is a bit odd — both sides tend to wait until closer to the fall filing deadlines to define their slates. My best guess is that Larry is trying to pitch the Democrat’s slate as “Mary’s” rather than “Larry’s.” However, given how much the Great Park developers are likely to spend on attack mailers, I am certain all of Irvine’s voters will know by election day that seventy-year old Ms. Gaido has worked alongside the seventy-one year old Larry Agran for over four decades.

Larry Agran’s slate has a long row to hoe to take back the council.  The current council is 4-1, with Beth Krom being the lone dissenter from the Choi, Christina Shea, Lynn Schott, and Jeff Lalloway majority. The two council seats up for re-election are currently occupied by Beth Krom and Christina Shea, both long term fixtures of Irvine politics that will be tough to beat.

The only way Larry himself returns to the city council in 2016 is if he runs directly against Christina Shea — something they both would relish. (Unless Christina opts to run against Mary for the two-year Mayoral seat.)

The Republican side is obviously waiting to see how Steven Choi’s bid for 68th Assembly seat fairs before deciding their lineup.  Assuming Steven gets stomped in the 68th primary, like Irvine council-critters usually do when they run for the higher office, I would guess that Mr. Choi will be happy to beat Mary, again.





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