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Hi Julia Rosen,

Thanks for writing and keeping me in the loop.  I am sure that you are a nice, well-meaning young lady.  But, I don’t appreciate your using D. Trump as a bugbear to grub for cash by playing with people’s emotions instead of their logic.  …   I can’t imagine Bernie likes being attached to that stigma. You are better than that.  Please refrain from this ploy.  It is ugly and regressive.

And, please, save the history lessons.  QUIT sending me crap about Republican problems.  I can read all about it in the Weekly Standard…little Billy Kristol has all those answers.  Republican Confederates have not won a national election since 1988 and they never will again.  Look at the national polls.  Bernie beats ANY of the so-called GOP candidates by a landslide in the national election.  The African Americans and Hispanics, who haven’t already, will turn out for Bernie once they catch up with the facts.  Any poll or honest pol (oxymoron) will tell you: The Dems have already WON the national election.  It wouldn’t matter if they ran Martin O’Malley…or even Chris Christie in a DNR, er DNC vest.  It is totally “safe” to make Bernie the first reasonable Dem choice since George McGovern and best choice since FDR.  Almost as good as Citizen Nader.  No opposition.  No Republican.

UNLESS, the foolish, ignorant, misled, bamboozled Democrats involved in the primary process and those attending the convention put Hillary Clinton, a certified Republican, into office.  Hillary is bad for America’s future, thus bad for women.  So-called feminists who want ANY woman for president, not the BEST candidate (woman or not) are thinking with their uteruses (or penises) and not their brains.  You should concentrate on informing them and reforming the GROSSLY UNdemocratic DNC.  Put your efforts behind Bernie and a strategy on how to take away these phony, insider-trading super delegates from Anti-American, Goldwater-loving Republican Hillary.  She has been politically unethical her entire LIFE, and not just while part of the insider club.  Her record speaks for itself.   She has NO stable, sustainable ethos on which to lead ANYONE with a modicum of intelligence, knowledge and integrity.   NO decent person of erudition and certitude would EVER vote for her.   The under-30s are too smart and concerned about the state of the state to turn out for Hillary.  The few that would, will NOT do so with an fervor or conviction.  They KNOW she is bad for their futures.

Steven Spielberg trusts Hillary.  He also trusted Bernie Madoff with millions of his easily-earned capital.  Wrong on trusting Hillary and entrusting the wrong Bernie.

Speaking of Spielberg’s hero, Abe Lincoln, isn’t it about time that authentic Americans come to grips with Lincoln’s folly?  If you honestly want to ActBlue, get REAL.  Begin a campaign to ENCOURAGE the Confederacy to secede, so that we real Americans can deal with getting actual America on an ethical track.  Anyone who believes the Confederacy has EVER been part of the American Dream, is delusional.  Look at how the so-called Southern Democrats voted in this year’s primaries.  Ignorance rules.  It should be NO surprise that Hillary and Donald carried the states with the lowest measured intelligence per capita.  We here in California are constantly reminded by the LA Times of the inevitability of the Hillary brand…” just look at how South Carolina voted on Super Tuesday”.  Is this a joke?  We are going to be ruled by the wisdom found in South Carolina?  Cut ’em loose.  Free them from the federal noose.  Clinton or Trump can Cruz to victory down there.

I wrote about this MOST important political issue a few years ago.  It is still relevant Open your mind.  Edify yourself: http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2011/02/t-r-blackeyes-contrarian-presidents-day-post-taking-lincoln-to-the-woodshed/

I am happy to contribute what I can to the campaign of Mr. Sanders’ run for the White House.  But, I will not contribute a single Lincoln head copper piece to any of your other funds until you start acting Blue yourselves.  Grass roots candidates for Congress won’t have much positive effect if Clinton is elected.  Funnel your resources into DUMPING Hillary AND the Confederacy so we can move on to a real democracy for America.

The Reverend Black.


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The last time there was a contested convention the winner walked away with the nomination all thanks to bribery. Gerald Ford beat out Ronal Reagan in 1976 by offering up rides on Air Force One and tickets to state dinners in exchange for delegates.

Dear T R,

The last time there was a contested convention the winner walked away with the nomination all thanks to bribery.

Gerald Ford beat out Ronal Reagan in 1976 by offering up rides on Air Force One and tickets to state dinners in exchange for support.

It was legal when Ford won the nomination and it’s still legal today. That means Trump could pull out all the stops and start offering up stays at any one of his luxury hotels or rides on his private jet in exchange for delegates.

Republicans’ tactics will be grossly undemocratic, and huge portions of the Republican electorate are going to be angry no matter which way the convention goes.

That means we could have a chance to rally Democrats and take back seats in the House and the Senate. But those campaigns can’t pull off wins without small-dollar support. Democrats are counting on donors like you and on ActBlue’s tools to power them to victory this year. Will you chip in $3 a month?

Because you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

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A contested convention would be total chaos. There’d be horse-trading of delegates, and dirty backroom deals, and politicos ignoring the wishes of their voter base to get what they want.

The wealthy GOP elite’s got plenty of collateral to offer up in exchange for the support they’ll need to knock Trump from the race. And they’ll be up against Trump’s billionaire status and the deals he could manage, setting the stage for a truly undemocratic, nasty fight.

If delegates are swayed from their candidate they’re not going to be representing the people who voted, and that’s not how a democracy works. No matter what happens, there are going to be huge portions of the Republican electorate who are outraged by the outcome of the convention.

Democrats could have a real chance to win races that wouldn’t be in play otherwise, but they won’t be able to take advantage of the opportunity without a huge outpouring of grassroots support.

Our platform makes it possible for Democrats to reach millions of small-dollar donors like you, but we can’t keep up that crucial work if we don’t have the resources to scale up our tools for every Democrat that’s counting on us. Will you chip in $3 a month?

Editor’s note:  Mr. Black’s judgment on Hillary is a bit harsher than ours, as chances are Vern and Greg will have to pivot in a few months and support her over the Republican if only for the sake of the Supreme Court.  Also we’re not entirely sure about that secession thing.  But this is your weekend open thread, sound off on this that or anything within broad, broad, BROAD bounds of discretion and taste.

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