Finally – in the wake of Flint, Fitzgerald’s Disney Fireworks Complaint.

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From William Denis Fitzgerald, altered for the web by the OJB editors.

Open Letter to Orange County District Attorney

April 21, 2016

Tony Rackauckas
OC District Attorney Office
Public Corruption Criminal Complaint
410 Civic Center Drive
Santa Ana CA 92701

RE:  Flint, Michigan Type Criminal Cover-up of Deadly Fireworks Pollution

Dear Mr. Rackauckas:

boy with inhalerFor years Disney Corporation personnel, along with City of Anaheim bureaucrats and politicians, have been covering up the deadly effects of the daily Disneyland fireworks.  One of the most culpable parties is probably the long-time Anaheim Director of Public Utilities, and former Anaheim City Manager, who is now the Director of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (as government workers who criminally cover-up are often promoted to much higher positions of authority and pay.)

girl with inhalerAttached (linked) are thirteen pages (7 links) of evidence to indicate the criminal conduct of those that are, or have been, entrusted withe the responsibility for the health and safety of the public.  They are suspected of falsifying and/or downplaying the data needed to prevent the ever-continuing and increasing poisonous pollution from the Disneyland fireworks.

The attached (linked) evidence is as follows:

1.  California’s maximum level of Perchlorate in drinking water is 6 PPB. (Parts per billion.  Scroll down.)

2.  Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Perchlorate study:  Evaluation of Perchlorate Contamination at a Fireworks Display, Dartmouth, MA.  Over 11 years, a typical (3 times a year) “community-type” fireworks display resulted in 560 PPB surface Perchlorate contamination, and in 8 shallow wells, the concentration of Perchlorate in groundwater was found to be as high as 62.2 PPB.

3.  City of Anaheim continuing action to replace shallow water wells next to and/or downwind from Disneyland with deeper wells, at great taxpayer expense.  April 12, 2016 Anaheim Council meeting approved replacement of shallow water well #36, located a few hundred feet from Disneyland, with deep water well #59, 40 feet from well #36, at a taxpayer cost of over one and a half MILLION dollars.  [Staff report, Exhibit A, Vicinity Map.]

4.  From first link again:  Many Anaheim water wells that have been Perchlorate-contaminated have been closed and replaced with deeper water wells at significant cost.  Also, the City of Anaheim’s estimate to remove the Perchlorate contamination (should the Disneyland fireworks ever be curtailed) is $50 million which could lead to an increase in water rates in Anaheim by 10% to 25%.

5.  LA Times July 4, 2008 article on the health effects of the Disneyland fireworks, damage from Particulates, highly poisonous barium and strontium, Perchlorate causing impairment of the thyroid gland putting fetuses at high risk (possible cause of Anaheim’s high rate of miscarriages.)  There are much cleaner, safer fireworks available domestically, but they are ten times the cost of the cheap unsafe fireworks from China that Disneyland continues to use. 

7.  Questionable data on fireworks contaminants in Anaheim water wells that appear to be falsified (water from cleaner wells added to dirty wells to reduce levels below maximum health and safety levels.)  Note that manipulated levels are often stated to be at a small fraction below the allowable levels (Perchlorate level 5.5 PPB rather than unallowed level of 6.0 PPB.)  [2008 Anaheim Public Utilities water quality report no longer on line; will scan and upload today – Vern]

In conclusion, please use your powerful office to protect the residents, children, and taxpayers of Anaheim and Orange County.

Denis Fitgerald
Engineer, Atomic Spectroscopy Specialist
Anaheim California 92805.

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