Irvine Gang Presence Expands to Woodbridge!




OJ Blog’s Gang Surveillance unit has uncovered new Gang activity in Irvine’s nicest neighborhood, Woodbridge.

Gang Chen Mobile

We’ve tracked this Gang leader before, both his awesome campaign slogan and his work to oppose a Veteran’s Cemetery at the Great Park.

Gang has collected the most curious set of endorsements:

Real estate broker and former Laguna Niguel Council Member Paul Merritt.

Mark Rafter, CEO of Marco Polo Productions, whose web site is currently valued at $8.95

Samuel Kang, Mayor Pro Tem of Duarte

Notice what is missing from that list: Anyone associated with Irvine politics.  So who is backing him? I haven’t been able to find his campaign filings, but the OJ Blog Gang Surveillance Unit thinks it’s Five Points, the Great Park developers who have spent almost two million dollars securing the current council majority. Presumably Five Points is trying to ensure that 5-10% of Irvine voters who never vote for viable candidates (eg Kathleen Daigle voters) don’t inadvertently drift back into the Larry Agran camp. (yes, Larry and/or his proxies will be on the ballot in November).

I can report that at least one Gang member, Victoria Hsu, is  a very nice lady.  I have her phone number if anyone would like to talk to her about the Chen campaign.

Lastly, as fun as the Gang jokes are, you should know that this USC-trained architect pronounces his name “Gong.”


UPDATE:  The Latest Gang Chen Yard Signs have a new slogan: ” Join Our Gang for a Better Irvine.” Is that an improvment?

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