UPDATED 1/30: Persian Dickchopper & Viet Hoodlums re-captured; All Well With World.




Sheriff Department's Flyer Regarding Jail Break

Sheriff Department’s Flyer Regarding Jail Break

Well, this is an unhappy turn of events.  More on this story of an apparent escape from the OC Central Men’s Jail in Santa Ana as it develops.

Meanwhile, if you see any of these guys, and you’re not a Sheriff or other LEO, do not approach them.  (That is in part because it may not be these guys, and part because it might be.)  Also do not try to kill them, cowboys and cowgirls, because you may not be the best at identifying them from their mug shots.  Just call 911 if it’s an emergency and 714-647-7000 otherwise.  More information is in the above flyer.  In your comments, please do not generalize based on this to all members of an ethnic group ; it is irritating and unfair — and probably also evanescent.

UPDATE Jan. 24

Excerpts from the Chicago Tribune:

Somehow, the men obtained tools that allowed them to cut through the quarter-inch-thick grill on a dormitory wall, then got into plumbing tunnels. Cutting their way through additional half-inch-thick steel bars, the trio made their way to an unguarded area of the roof of the four-story building, where they apparently moved aside some razor wire and rappelled to the ground using elaborately braided ropes made from linens, authorities said.

The escape wasn’t noticed for 16 hours, until a nighttime head count that was delayed about an hour because of a fight involving some other inmates that may — or may not — have been part of the escape plan.

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 37 years, always working for sheriff’s departments that manage jails. And escapes do occur from time to time,” Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said. “We try and limit that. We learn from the mistakes. I can tell you that this is a very sophisticated-looking operation. People in jail have a lot of time to sit around and think about ways to defeat our systems.”

And here’s the salacious detail that you’ve been waiting for:

Hossein Nayeri, 37, had been held without bond since September 2014 on charges of kidnapping, torture, aggravated mayhem and burglary. Nayeri and three other men are accused of kidnapping a California marijuana dispensary owner in 2012. They drove the dispensary owner to a desert spot where they believed he had hidden money and then cut off his penis, authorities said.

The police want your help:

We’re in a position where we absolutely need the public’s help.  There’s people out there that know who these people are, who may have seen them. We’re asking for phone calls, whether it’s any piece of information you may have.  We’re exhausting every lead that we currently have.”

And — there’s a $50,000 reward for information leading to their recapture.  OJB is not sure whether that is “apiece” or 1/3 for each or what.  If you have actual information, just call them regardless.

UPDATE 1/29, noon

The Orange Juice attended a Little Saigon presser by Supervisors Do and Bartlett, aimed at re-assuring Viet-Americans that they can give info on the escapees, collect their reward, and still stay safe and confidential.  But as we were uploading our unremarkable video of that presser, events overtook us, and one of the Viets has been re-captured turned himself in:  Bac Duong, 43, the accused “attempted murderer.”  He looks pretty nasty, but let’s remember, he hasn’t been convicted, and that is what young Jesús Aguirre was accused AND convicted of.


– Vern

UPDATE 1/30, 11am

All three back in custody now:  http://abc7.com/news/2-outstanding-inmates-taken-into-custody-in-san-francisco/1180430/

The two remaining inmates who had escaped the Orange County Central Men’s Jail on Jan. 22 were taken into custody in San Francisco, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Hossein Nayeri, 37, and Jonathan Tieu, 20, were arrested by the San Francisco Police Department, according to an OCSD tweet.

 Bac Duong, 43, was the third inmate who had escaped with Nayeri and Tieu from the jail. He turned himself over to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Friday afternoon after flagging down a citizen.

Authorities believed Nayeri and Tieu were in the San Jose area and were heading to Fresno because of a family connection Nayeri had…

3 escapees

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