Words Matter: Complying with the law isn’t rape.

Lake Forest Councilman Adam Nick admits his verbal antics were over the line.

I should have saved that soundbite for the John and Ken show.


Lake Forest’s Adam Nick has done more than his fair share to keep local politics entertainng.  From trying to bribe Voice of OC’s Adam Elmahrek to inspiring colleagues to wear a wire to trying to bully a competitor out of a liquor licencse, Nick has been setting the standard in South OC.

But Nick himself realizes he crossed a boundary. From the OC Register :

Councilman Adam Nick on Tuesday apologized for telling a reporter that a prosecutor made him feel “raped” by accusing him of stealing a rival’s campaign signs.


First off, stealing yard signs is a proud OC tradition.  Adam understandably felt singled out. Moreover, there is currently tremendous rhetorical confusion about consent in right wing media. Why not go for the over-the-top sexual assault analogy?

So rather than piling on Adam, let’s hope Adam’s public moment of self-reflection is the first step to more responsible political language.

Hey, I can dream, right?



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