The Greatest Demagogues of Our Time!




Fish Handshake

Some politicians are blatantly phony, liars, duplicitous, craven jerks that almost anyone paying attention can see through without much problem.  Sometimes, just one fishy handshake is enough to understand that they are not your pal.  Sometime when they shake your hand they either look away or stare directly at you – as if you are a bug under a microscope.  Sometimes you get their attention by asking a really important question which requires the ability to evade any meaningful response while they continue to filibuster the time at hand for more inter-action, in front of a crowd of one or 100.  They are time pirates who answer a question with a three minute response when the answer simply required a polite Yes or No!   These are the very people you meet that prize themselves on knowing “something” that you don’t and expecting you to be amazed by their quasi knowledge of the subject.  When you ask an intelligent question – they are shocked!

We are entering a time in this country which far exceeds the concept of “the silly season”.  The drum beats of war, the drum beats of scary times when the monsters will eat our children, steal our corn and restrict our access to various malls around the country are here!  We have a seemingly unending number of Major Media types, Candidates for President, Medical Professionals, Big Pharma,  Big Chemical, Big Oil and Bigger than life personalities….all crying wolf at the same time.  Terrorism,  Radical Islamic Terrorist Zealots (RITZ crackers!) are everywhere.  They are under your sheets in the form of bed bugs.  They are hanging out in the parking lot of Costco or Walmart.  They are crawling under your car to place pipe bombs, they are everywhere.  Just ask Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe.  He will tell you.  Scarborough is sort of like a bad Rick Santorum…..he served in the Congress and thinks he is God.  He has no problem telling everyone in the country that our President is a worthless piece of crap.  First one to call it Joe!  Joe is surely one of the most demagogic figures on television.

There is a giant assortment these folks on CNN, MSNBC, FOX and others that are experts on what makes a good President of the United States….and none seem to think much of President Obama or Joe Biden.  Luckily, these folks are not elected by anyone other that the Special Interest folks they represent.   They are vile, base, ridiculous excuses for News Reporters.  They offer no solutions except when they question someone and say:  “Why did you do that – when you could have done this?”  The special reports from so-called Security and Intelligence Experts are amazingly telling about how they are nothing more than Political Operatives.  These out of work Intelligence Officers that worked for the CIA or NSA all have opinions based upon the Richard Holbrook play-book.  If the ego is big enough….”maybe someone will listen!”

Sadly, the tiring Chris Mathews has no decent guests anymore, sadly we can’t bear to watch or tolerate Hannity or O’Reilly along with any of their “Babe Watch News Staff”.  The list of terrible “Babe Watch News Staffs” has exploded and each one seems worse the last.  You can’t watch the Sunday News shows because they have all been inundated with same dupes.  Jake Tapper on State of the Union is a total joke.  Fareed Zakaria is barely watchable, Face the Nation is always awful – with the same boring guest and pundits.  Meet the Press only occasionally has something interesting and This Week with George Stephanopolis will defintely put you to sleep.  We won’t burden you with the long list of unwatchable News Programs on these 24 Hour News Networks.  Wolf Blitzer…..has to go should suffice it to say.

The American people are being fed a constant giant turd sandwich of bad and misrepresented news.  Not everyone can read or subscribe to the Financial Times, Daily Mail, the Independent, the Economist, the China News or the Deutscher Zeitung – but they should if they really want to know what is going on in the world.  What is most offensive however is the giant list of bad Republican Candidates that like the Sunni Terrorists never seem to go away.  Mike Huckabee (Jim Baker)?  Really?  Marco Rubio (Batboy)?  Really?  Ted Cruz (Bundy) Really?, Ben Carson (Doctor Doctor!) Really?, Carly Fiorina (Wears Prada!) Really?, Lindsay Graham (Air Force Lawyer) Really?,  Jeb Bush (The Younger Dumber Bush!) Really?, Chris Christie (WeightWatcher!) and the worst of all time – the arrogant, jerk, classless, despicable and meaningless Donnie Trumpster!  Kasich and Rand Paul?…..don’t bother to ask, they haven’t got the votes nor the money.    One thing is for sure…if their lips are moving…..they are lying like rugs!  All of these folks have picked up the mantle of demagoguery.  It gets them press coverage, spreads endless lies and takes away from the fact based world we should be discussing.

Do any of these folks have anything from this list?

  1. An immigration plan that can pass Congress.
  2. A fix for Social Security and Medicare that doesn’t take away the entire system.
  3. A non-military boots on ground alternative for Syria and Iraq.
  4. A position on removing television ads for all pharmaceutical products.
  5. A fix for Obama Care which controls the costs of deductibles to under $2000 a year, holds co-pays to $20 and controls the price prescription medications.
  6. A fix for our broken roads, rails and bridges.
  7. Pass banking laws that forces the Big Banks to make small business loans at affordable rates.
  8. Label all foods in the United States if they contain any GMO products or chemicals.
  9. Adds incentives for Multi-National Companies to bring their service and manufacturing back to the United States.

These things are hardly as explosive or exciting as having Donald Trump yell “Kick their ass!” in front of a paid-off crowd and shown over 1000 times on various networks.  These things are hardly as important as having Jeb Bush talk about how he would confer with a variety of military advisors on who to kill next.  These things are hardly as much fun and watching Donald Trump demean Latinos, Blacks, Women, immigrants of all stripes or his vile remarks about those who have the temerity to run against him for President.

Well, let’s put the stake in the ground right now – Mr. Trump, you will never be our President..not now, not ever!  You can win two terms and change the Constitution so you can serve for life.  It don’t matter – you dear friend are not worthy of having coffee with….much less serving as the President of Demagoguery and the United States!  In the words of Dirty Harry; “Your mouthwash just ain’t cutting it!”

The Greatest Demagogues of our time!  So many to chose from… little time!  And folks think Waterboarding is torture……watching these idiots has to simply be a ploy by Big Pharma to get most folks hooked on drugs!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Let’s just watch football, eat some pumpkin pie and pretend that our fantasy team  is now 9-2!  Drive safely and don’t fight with any family members no matter how much they want you to.  It’s only one day…you know?

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