Weekend Open Thread: CRP is All Over Anaheim Its State Convention


Not the California State convention.  Also not 2016.

Not the California State convention. Also not 2016.  But definitely Republican!

OJB has been monitoring its underground communications all week and we have no indication of any protests at the Anaheim Marriott.  Repeat, no indications of any protests.  We can’t guarantee that, of course, because sometimes we were texting and may have missed something.

So, anyway: welcome, convention delegates!  See some pro tips below.

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You say you’ve never protested been to a California Republican Party Convention before?  Here are some pro tips:

(1) Homeless people should assemble in the ARTIC shell in the event of inclement weather.  Or clement weather.  Can you believe — $200 million in tax money for that?  Plus annual maintenance?

(2) If you see Mike Huckabee, do not ask him this question:

When you booked this event, did you ever expect to have only 1/10 the support of Ben Carson — who’d only be in second place?

(2A) (OJB feels bad for Mike Huckabee.  And that makes OJB feel good.)

(3) After John Bolton appears as the night’s dinner speaker, don’t forget that he will be signing copies of his new book, “The ‘John Bolton is My Dinner Speaker? Suddenly I’ve Lost My Appetite’ Diet.”  (Credit frugal Republicans on figuring out a way to cut down on people’s food consumption!)

(4) Not on the schedule: Ed Royce will be giving eye twinkling lessons from 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. on Saturday.  Bring your own kohl.

(5) Probably on Beach Blvd., if you really must know.

(6) Highlights of the convention program (presented in full below):

  • A speaker is named “James Fisfis.”
  • The 4 p.m. “Toast to Republican Local Officials” is scheduled to take one entire hour.
  • “Come hear the brutal taxpayer math driving the problem, the tough measures needed …”  — oooh, BABY!
  • “Republicans account for 28% of registered voters in California, yet hold 41% of City Council and 47% of County Supervisor seats. … Learn how to build a successful non-partisan campaign….”  (Key: DO NOT IDENTIFY SELF ON BALLOT AS REPUBLICAN!)
  • Republican panel will “tackle the false narrative that Republicans are anti-woman…”  And then it will slap it with an open hand and tell it to go cook dinner.
  • Rest assured that in the “2:45-3:45pm Universes 101” session, none of them will be over 6000 years old.
  • The 7:15 a.m. Sunday Prayer Breakfast will be in the “Elite” room.  PERFECT!



Friday, September 18

9 AM      Registration and Proxy Desk Opens      Ballroom Foyer
9 AM      Golden State Leadership Team Lounge Open      OC 1
9 AM      Board of Directors Meeting      Grand G-H
12 PM      Exec. Committee Lunch Featuring Mike Huckabee      Platinum 6
2 PM      Breakout Sessions – See below for details      See below
2 PM      County Chairman’s Association Meeting      Grand B
4 PM      Volunteer Organizations Committee      Grand C
4 PM      Veterans Committee      Grand A
5 PM      Welcome Reception      Promenade
6:15 PM      VIP Reception      Platinum 2-3
7:30 PM      Dinner Banquet      Platinum 5-6
9 PM      Hospitality Receptions      Throughout
9:15 PM      Candidate for CRP Offices Election Meeting      Grand D
9:30 PM      Associate Representative Nomination Meeting      Grand B

Saturday, September 19

8 AM      Registration and Proxy Desk Opens            Ballroom Foyer
8 AM      Golden State Leadership Team Lounge Open            OC 1
8:30 AM      Regional Meetings and Elections            Throughout
9:30 AM      Rules Committee            Grand G-H
10 AM      Resolutions Committee            Grand D
10 AM      Breakout Sessions – See below for details            See Below
10:30 AM      Initiatives Committee            Grand C
10:45 AM      VIP Reception            Platinum 2-3
11 AM –
5 PM
     Associate Representative Election            Gold Key I-II
12 PM      Lunch Banquet Featuring Rep. Ed Royce            Platinum 5-6
12 PM      Proxy Deadline
1:30 PM      Platform Committee            Marquis North
2 PM      Breakout Sessions – See below for details            See Below
4 PM      A Toast to Republican Local Officials            Platinum 8
5 PM      Proxies and Credentials Committee            Grand G-H
6:15 PM      VIP Reception            Platinum 2-3
7:30 PM      Dinner Banquet featuring Amb. John Bolton            Platinum 5-6
8 PM      Deadline to Pay Delegate Dues
9 PM      Hospitality Reception            Throughout

Sunday, September 20

7 AM      Registration and Proxy Desk Opens              Ballroom Foyer
7 AM      Golden State Leadership Team Lounge Open              OC 1
7:15 AM      Prayer Breakfast              Elite
8:30 AM      Proxies and Credentials Committee              Grand D
9 AM      General Session              Platinum 1-6
30 min
     Board of Directors Meeting               Grand G-H

Breakout Sessions:

Anatomy of a Win: Catharine Baker
A case study and Q&A on strategies and tactics used to elect Catharine Baker in AD16 last year. Future candidates and campaign managers should attend for strategies to use in their own races in 2016.
Friday 2 PM – 3:30 PM | James Fisfis, Chariot LLC

*California’s Pension Crisis — Ugly Math, Tough Solutions, Interesting Politics
The cost and debts of California’s unsustainable retirement benefits are crushing government agencies. Come hear the brutal taxpayer math driving the problem, the tough measures needed to solve it and the strong advantage Republicans can have with voters. National experts and local leaders will cover the policy landscape and the organizers of a statewide ballot solution for next year will share their approach.
Friday 2 PM – 3:30 PM

*Winning Local: How to Build a Local Government Campaign From the Ground Up
Republicans account for 28% of registered voters in California, yet hold 41% of City Council and 47% of County Supervisor seats. It’s clear that Republicans win at the local level. However, with a consistent volunteer base and a concentrated strategy, Republicans could make even larger gains at the local level.

Whether you are currently elected to local office, are planning to run for office, or are interested in helping Republican candidates for local office win this next election cycle, this session will give you many of the tools you need. Learn how to build a successful non-partisan campaign from foundation to the height of victory.
Saturday 10 AM – 11:30 AM | Mike Madrid, Grassroots Lab

Ask the Chairman
CRP Delegates Only: Don’t miss your chance to ask the Chairman everything you wanted to know about the CRP. A frank discussion about where we were, where we are, and where we’re going.
Saturday 10 AM – 11:30 AM | Senator Jim Brulte (Ret.), CRP Chairman

Winning the Women’s Vote
A presentation and an open discussion to not only address how the Republican Party can attract women voters, but laying the foundation for women to understand why voting Republican is best for them, their children and their families. This open dialogue roundtable will lay the ground work for the upcoming Presidential election and tackle the false narrative that Republicans are anti-woman.
Saturday 2 PM – 3:30 PM | Senator Pat Bates, Chairman, Republican Party of Orange County Women’s Sub-Committee

How to Become a California Delegate to the Republican National Convention
Interested in being one of the 172 delegates, 169 alternates, or hundreds of guests to the California Delegation at the Republican National Convention next July in Cleveland?

Attend this workshop to learn what you need to do to be considered for a delegate slot by the eventual Republican nominee.
Saturday 2 PM – 3:30 PM | Senator Jim Brulte (Ret.), CRP Chairman; Harmeet K. Dhillon, CRP Vice Chairman; and Shawn Steel, RNC National Committeeman  

*CRP Voter File (PDI) Training
Interactive training lab on the CRP voter file database (PDI). On the hour, every hour, come sit down at a computer and get hands on training on the PDI interface. New this convention:no advance registration required.

Review each topic before deciding when to attend – seating limited so don’t be late to the topic of your choice!

10am-12pm Open Lab
1:30-2:30pm PDI Overview
2:45-3:45pm Universes 101
*4-5pm Local Government Candidates & Officials Training – RSVP required

9am-12pm Open Lab
1:30-2:30pm PDI Mobile App
2:45-3:45pm Universes 101
4-5pm Question/Survey Creation

Fabian Valdez, CRP Data Systems Manager and Bryan McPartlan, CRP Statewide Data Director


NOTE: Due to an unexpectedly busy day, this has become our Weekend Open Thread.  Talk about that, or anything else you’d like, within reasonable bounds of decency and discretion.

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