Chumley’s Misguided Views on Sticking Arms Up Other People’s Asses to Make Them Talk





The one who understands his city is wearing the hat.

Chuchua and Chumley: the one who better understands his city is wearing the hat.

Anaheim map-maker Oscar Reyes, whose submitted map is now the official recommendation of the panel of judges, has a post up on Chumley’s painful blog; I’m happy to break my usual practice in this case and link to that site.  Give the guy his props!

Sadly, the dim walrus impersonator went beyond his usual flailing attacks on me and also went after our good friend Brian Chuchua.

Happily, this gives me the chance to set the record straight.  Here’s a call-out from the text below for you to enjoy:

Brian Chuchua knows more about Anaheim than Chumley does about Irvine — and is both able to see what he sees clearly and state his observations frankly and honestly.

Chumley is literally not in the business of doing anything of the sort.  It’s all spin.

Go the the ChumBlog and you’ll see what Anaheim Insider (generally believed to be Todd Priest) and Chumley have had to say thus far:

Anaheim Insider
September 17, 2015 at 1:40 pm

Wait until you see the video of Greg’s last stand. Priceless! You so have to do a post on that Dan.

Dan Chmielewski
September 17, 2015 at 2:27 pm

I heard the judges made some kind of comment about Greg having to have the last word. I’m convinced Diamond uses Chuchua as a puppet so he can do whatever he wants. The bigger question is does Diamond use sticks and string or does Diamond open and close Chuchua’s mouth like Jim Henson used to control Kermit.  (emphasis added)

I’m pleased to be able to say this here publicly: Brian Chuchua knows more about Anaheim, its politics, its interest groups, its past, its present, its planned future, and what is going on behind the scenes in both politics and commerce than pretty much anyone else I know, except maybe Tom Tait and the thralls in Curt Pringle’s office.  (Denis Fitzgerald has some great insights about the City, as well as distemper, but little actual behind-the-scenes knowledge.  And it shows.)  One of my big regrets is that I can’t get Brian to write it all down.  He and Cynthia Ward and probably Zenger should write a real history book of the city someday.

As part of the work that we’ve done with CATER, Brian has driven me all around most every region of the city, helping me understand the layout and what it affects in what ways, and offering a master seminar in everything I needed to make the maps except the statistical and logistical parts of the process, where I have substantial prior experience.

Chumley has made clear in the past his contempt for clients, whom he thinks need to be carefully guided (i.e., controlled) by PR Professionals, which is probably why he suggests the image of a puppetmaster with a hand up the puppet’s ass.  (I guess he’s the kind of guy who likes to get his hands dirty.)   This is more than just incredibly offensive: the comparison put Chumley’s attempted puppetmastering in an extremely harsh light.

Brian Chuchua knows more about Anaheim than Chumley does about Irvine — and is both able to see what he sees clearly and state his observations  frankly and honestly.  I have known for years now that, despite his affable and cherubic appearance, Brian’s intellect, perceptiveness, and willingness to act on his convictions where it comes to local politics deserve nothing but admiration.  I often disagree with his views on state and national and international politics, but at a local level he’s been indispensable. He earned his co-authorship of the maps — which he reviewed and on which he commented — more often and more well than I can express.  Sometimes I ended up relying on things he told me well before Measures L and M passed to better understand how best to divide up the city.

In contrast, Chumley helped to erect a bullshit-saturated smoke screen about the Great Park.  He was not so much a faithful servant less of politicians, leading up to the 2011 massacre of Irvine Democrats, of than their PR consultants.  I remember when he first called me out of the blue and started courting, lobbying, and “instructing” me.  It took me a while to learn that Vern did have him pegged.  Unprincipled and willing to browbeat his way to access and punish those who disagreed with him, he greased the path that people like Arthur Forde, Stu Mollrich, and George Urch could use to convince Larry Agran, Beth Krom, and Sukhee Kang that everything was hunky dory with the Great Park that and that they were preserved from political blowback despite KLAXON HORNS going off that should have suggested to intelligent people like the targets of the snow job that this was not even slightly true.

I’m used to people laughing at what Chumley has to say about anything outside of Irvine. I’m used to them getting pissed about it. But this is one of the few times that what he wrote, in conjunction with Todd Priest (or whoever other than him the less funny “Anaheim Insider” is), should really make people of good intelligence and good will vomit on his shoes.

Rotten, contemptuous, avaricious people who can only get cooperation in their efforts from people who won’t write under their own names (or are, well, like Matt Cunningham and Mike Tardif) can’t imagine that anything better is possible, so they think that everyone else is like them.  Every once in a while that cynical biliousness comes through in Technicolor.  Alas for us, today was one of those days.

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