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Looking forward to the 2016 Presidential Election?   Well, expect something quite a bit different from what you’re used to!

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Since the Moon will fall in the sign of Aquarius on election day 2016, a big break from the past is indicated – not just a new and different President, but a long standing trend reversal, an “in your face” rebellion, and a metaphorical and dramatic “prison break” from all that most of us have known since 1992. As a female, Hillary may represent this kind of reversal, Bernie Sanders and his bold stance on socialism another, but Donald Trump seems to embody Aquarian energy in its purest form.

Aquarius is like Ice Cube in Straight Outta Compton rapping Ain’t no tellin’ when I’m down for a jack move.’ Trump is all about doing and saying the unexpected. Who else would try to steal McCain’s war hero status?

The Aquarian is an interesting breed: born to be an “outsider,” the one who cannot be categorized, tamed, predicted, or controlled. Aquarians are different by definition. If you are an Aquarian it’s a safe bet that you’re brilliant in some unusual or narrow field of interest. You’re a confusing blend of “loner” and “social butterfly.” aquariusYou’re both friendly and off-putting, keeping your distance and protecting your outsider status because you know that ultimately it is the source of your power. The family worries about you as your “way of being” inherently threatens the status quo. When you’re young you say weird things and may have strange interests and approaches that frighten your parents who reflexively intensify efforts to steer you in “safer” directions. Your heroes are rebels and iconoclasts. In your head you operate decades ahead of the world’s current standards. From birth you make adjustments to cultural standards that make no sense to you, drain your energy, and frustrate you to the point of dramatically shaking things up with what might appear to be a sudden shocking move. People who thought they knew you are scandalized. Your impact is like a bolt of lightening or a nuclear blast that undermines their most cherished assumptions about the way the world works – and there is no turning back. To you it feels like a logical progression, the next step in a scenario that backed you into a corner and left you no choice.

bomb throwerSo, from an astrological perspective, who’s the best bomb thrower, the most brilliantly undermining presence, the most outrageous influence, the least likely to “tone it down” and play by the rules? Donald Trump’s chart looks most interesting to me, though I don’t have an accurate birth time for Bernie Sanders.

Hillary‘s looks like someone so internally conflicted that cultivating stability, safety, and sameness could too easily win her over. There are constant devastating storms raging beneath the surface of her consciousness (four planetary placements in Scorpio in her 12th house). The tendency for her is to stabilize the outer environment in non-discriminating ways to counterbalance the inner turmoil and pressures she feels. Hillary betrays herself easily with the relationships she agrees to cultivate and the traditions she upholds in order to maintain some sense of personal balance. In this regard, she appears not to have much freedom of choice given the relentless inner struggles she faces. She would seem likely to fall into the destructive trap that Martin Luther King once described from a jail cell – choosing order over justice.

Enter Donald Trump. On an escalator…


If someone would have asked me to hazard a guess as to what Donald Trump’s astrology chart looked like I would have guessed incorrectly, but only because I would have assumed that it couldn’t possibly be this obvious. He has a 29 degree Leo ascendant with Mars overlaying it. That describes bombasticism and a forceful style and approach that assumes the world revolves around him. It’s very pure, though – almost innocent in quality. Any astrological placement at 29 degrees (the last degree of a sign) tends to infuse a sense of urgency. Trump most likely feels that if he doesn’t express the fullness of himself “extra exuberantly” this lifetime, he will have missed his chance – forever. It just doesn’t feel optional to him.

Trump’s Sun placement is critically important because of its inherent power and because it rules his whole style and approach to life. In the sign of Gemini, it highlights energy that is driven by curiosity, lively communication, a quick, and easily bored mind, and extraordinary versatility that allows easy adjustment to quickly changing circumstances. Learning, leadership, and dramatic achievements are central to his sense of who he is. Gemini is a storyteller. Donald wants his life to tell a compelling story – one that will hold your attention and, more importantly, his own. Underestimate him at your own peril.

hurt seriousTrump is so incredibly transparent it’s refreshing – an innocent kid who just wants everyone to like him. He is very defensive if he feels unloved or disliked. He is the big-hearted, generous one who learned the hard way about how to navigate relationships. And he may have actually learned the wrong lessons.

When his feelings are hurt, he overreacts, turns mean, and vindictive. His astrology chart indicates that his sense of self worth took a big hit in Jan 1952 when he was just 6 years old. Maybe he entered first grade then – the typical 1950’s first grade teacher’s worst nightmare. It’s not hard to imagine his natural exuberance overwhelming classmates as well – negative feedback and punches thrown at him from every direction. Serious emotional damage has a way of stunting growth. That may explain why the coping skills of a six year old still seem operational within him today. Astrologically that makes sense.

young military schoolHe took another hit in 1960 when his parents became seriously worried about his ability to control himself and sent him to Military school. That was a pivotal turning point. It’s almost painful to imagine a personality like his subjected to rigid military tactics and pressures to conform.

It would be interesting to know how he feels about education and the welfare of children in general. I would guess he feels that education should be more fun and directly experiential. I would suspect that he has a special affinity for kids, and that they are drawn to him like a magnet. There is a part of him that has never lost his child-like nature. Kids sense that. Helicopter rides for kids in Iowa – it fits.

kids copter

Trump would be a “natural” for expanding on the theme of making things better for kids. It has great potential for being the best possible thrust of a “Trump presidency. “

young rich manIn his chart, Saturn (achievement, coldness, realism) aligns with Venus (relationships). Trump is realistic and cold when it comes to relationships – a blessing and a curse for him. An “eye for an eye” approach was drilled into him militarily and cold calculation by a father prone to taking advantage of the financially weak and oppressed.

But if Donald could have had it his way, from the very beginning, everyone would have loved and constantly applauded for him, and he would have loved them back, in very big-hearted and entertaining ways. Now, though, he has the capability of being dangerously cold and uncaring. He does have the intelligence and pragmatism to anticipate future consequences. His most natural orientation is toward the future.

like meUnfortunately for Trump, personally it is unlikely that he can receive the kind of love that would actually “feed his soul.” (Saturn and Venus aligned). So he works tirelessly and desperately to acquire the next best thing – money. His “billions” don’t fill the void, but the belief that a few billion more might, keeps him dynamic, engaged, hopeful, and endlessly in search of financial opportunity. It’s a common “one-percenter” issue.

Donald definitely has his own inner turmoil and conflict to deal with, but it does not appear as intense as Hillary’s. He appears to have more effective inner resources for channeling his innate crazy tendencies. He seems less likely than Hillary to inflict, in a harmful way, his personal struggles on the world. I know that seems diametrically opposed to the overwhelming consensus. But more than anything it appears to reflect institutional fear of change as well as Hillary’s ability to hide, though not deliberately, the intensity of her own “craziness,” her ongoing struggle to contain it, and the far-reaching havoc that it could potentially unleash.

yellingTrump feels that he knows everything about everything and because he feels he can’t afford to filter his personality in any way, that’s pretty obvious. His first reaction is always to imply “I’m smarter than you.” But he has his own internal antidote for that – his Gemini Sun. Facts are important to him, and, more importantly, he can’t really focus on one thing long enough to become a true, mindless zealot. He’s pragmatic. He’s aware that he doesn’t know everything and acutely aware of the value of surrounding himself with knowledgeable people – people smarter than him about important things.

The positive side of his Moon in Sagittarius is the ability to form a vision and to remain very optimistic about his ability to achieve it. He believes in himself and has faith that the universe is “on his side.” He has accumulated lifetimes of different kinds of experiences because he’s always been driven to experience life first hand.

The question for the masses I think is whether or not Trump is capable of moving the country toward something more equitable and just. My guess is not in any conventional way, but possibly in some detached, rebellious, indirect, ingenious, and generally unpalatable way, he could make it happen.

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in ManchesterHe’s already exposed the Republican Party, Fox News, and the “quid-pro-quo” system that dominates and continues to destroy what is valuable about the United States. Exposure of darkness diminishes its power, so Trump has already provided a great service to the masses whatever his motivation for doing that.

His power actually lies in his ability to uncover what is hidden through his most natural style and approach to life. There is such a dramatic contrast between his bluntness and the historically calculated efforts on the part of politicians to keep their true motivation hidden, that he inspires strong responses. Essentially he slaps you in the face with the contrast and dares you to keep your cool. That’s a very Aquarian thing to do. Either you freak out and try to dismiss him as quickly as possible, or you’re intrigued to the point of considering how he might represent the destruction of something institutional that no longer serves us well.

hillaryTrump’s weapon is his ability to expose the hidden foundations of people, systems, and organizations. I was struck by the insightfulness of his analysis of Hillary Clinton. In the recent “lightning round interview” with Maureen Dowd, he described her as a “Highly complex person who can’t help going over the edge. She just can’t stay true to herself.” And then he added a bunch of unsubstantiated nonsense about her e-mails. You have to ignore his meanness, lies, and half-truths in order to find the brilliance of his insight. But he’s so transparent it doesn’t take that much effort.

About the “Black Lives Matters” activists and their confrontation with Bernie Sanders, Trump commented; “ I thought it was a disgrace for him to let that microphone be ripped out of his mouth.” The “wisdom” of getting into a confrontation with the BLM group seems highly questionable for more reasons than I can count.

bernie blm

But isn’t Trump really asking indirectly the exact right question about Bernie? Sanders’ ideas are truly enlightened, but can he be “a force to be reckoned with,” willing to embrace the urgency of the moment and force sudden breakthroughs? Bernie deserves credit for his persistence over the long haul. But the masses have lost patience with the “long haul.” If that’s his strategy going forward it doesn’t feel hopeful enough.

Trump recognizes opportunity and when the masses are in the mood for someone like him. He knows that opportunity is time limited. If you don’t jump onboard you miss the train. You lose, and maybe those who were in the mood for you lose as well. Like he said of Chris Christie, “ He’s a friend of mine but he missed his time. If he would have done it four years ago he would have beaten Romney and he could be president right now. But this is a different time”.

“You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.” NWA

Trump style…

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