Do Norberto and Gustavo condemn Trump’s treatment of Jorge Ramos? I’m sure they do.




The National Association of Hispanic Journalists condemned TrumpRamos for ejecting Jorge Ramos from his news conference. I am sure that both Norberto and Gustavo also disapprove of Trump’s action. This incident shines the light not on Donald Trump but on the dilemma that his views on immigrants poses for the GOP.

I tried to get a sense of the immigration dilemma in the OC GOP in my previous post about Jorge Ramos, but I was ignored, even by Vern, the OJB publisher. My last question in that thread was addressed to him, I asked whether his uber-contacts with the OC Republicans (I don’t exactly know what uber means but sounds hipster, like that he likes to rub elbows with insiders) gave him an idea of the position of then new chairman of the Orange County GOP, Fred Whitaker.

So this time I am going to ask the same question by presenting the opinion of Dr Alvaro Huerta:

Op Ed : Trump Exemplifies True Colors of GOP

” It’s not true that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump only represents the extreme wing or “crazies” of the GOP. As a leader in numerous polls, Trump exemplifies the true colors of the GOP: xenophobic, mean-spirited and pro one-percent.

Despite how the other GOP presidential candidates or Republican leadership view him or distance themselves from his vitriolic language, Trump’s boorish behavior and disdain towards Latino immigrants represents the Republican party’s political platform. While Republican leaders have acknowledged that it’s impossible or not feasible to deport over 11 million undocumented immigrants, they have rejected a pathway to citizenship for those who live and work in America’s shadows. In lieu of citizenship, key Republican leaders propose a form of legal status without the opportunity for citizenship. Essentially, Republican leaders argue for a legalized, second-class group available for exploitable cheap labor.

What does it matter for the millions of Latino immigrants, if Trump is calling them pejorative names, when more diplomatic Republican leaders, like former Florida Gov. Jed Bush, concur that citizenship is not an option for those who toil from sun-up to sun-down in our agricultural fields, kitchens, front yards, factories, hospitals and other key employment sectors. Shameful!…….

….. Apart from being mean-spirited and hypocritical, Republic leaders continue to advocate for policies that benefit the wealthiest one-percent of the nation. For instance, by providing tax-breaks for the rich and allowing for wealthy corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, Republicans engage in class warfare against working-class Latinos. By following what then-President Ronald Reagan made famous with “trick-down economics” or “Reaganomics,” under the false assumption that tax breaks for the rich benefit the nation as a whole, the only thing that trickles down to working-class Latinos under this absurd premise is misery.

At the end of the day, as Trump continues to lead in state and national polls, like the recently conducted national CNN / ORC Poll and NBC / Marist Poll in New Hampshire, the GOP will gradually wither away. Instead of representing the “Grand Old Party,” for the benefit of Hilary Clinton in 2016 and Democrats in the long run, the GOP will morph into the “Grand Obsolete Party.”

You can read the entire text here. Let’s see if Vern takes a break from playing with Dan C and tell us what he is being told to say….what? This is what GSR is supposed to say….sorry Vern. You’re a good sport.

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