GAZISM, the TPP, the TPA and another Nightmare on Elm Street!





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The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, founded in Germany in 1919 and brought to power in 1933 under Adolf Hitler was called NAZISM.  When, you think about it – it is still amazing that the Nazi’s lost World War II.  They used “blitzkrieg”, or “Lightning War” they called it.  The Tanks rolled across the borders of Europe with impunity.  They took country after country.  Then they even attacked the giant Russian Bear and it was only the lack of conventional fuel for their tanks that their offensive came to a sudden end at Stalingrad.  When almost a million troops surrender……”Houston, we might have a problem!”  It took the “Lightning War” of General George Patton to return the favor to the Germans and through the borders of the great German Bratwurst.  Along of course, with the great planning and execution of Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Allies to cross the English Channel and lay the lives of so many on the shores of history.  So, who really won World War II?  The United States rebuilt Japan, Germany, Italy and half of the of the other European countries that followed our lead.  Russia and Yugoslavia and the Eastern Block said they would rather go another way.  So, by a simple vacuum of power equation:  The United States became the First Global Nuclear Power of the world.  For about three years…that is.  Then the Russians got their nukes!

Fast Forward to today:  ISIS is using captured US Tanks, Trucks, Artillery and Toyota Pick-ups and using “Lightning War” to cross borders and take over the Middle-East, crossing ten borders with impunity.  Joining the Al-Qaeda!  Joining the Taliban!  Joining the Houti’s! Joining Boko Haram (Books Forbidden)!  Joining about another 110 other Independent Providers of Death!  Joining a 1000 Face book pages with various Social Media links, calling for teenage boys and girls from across the globe to get free tatoos and free AK-47’s, Body Bombs, IED’s and Black Flags…..all for free.  Since, the people they go to school with are all stupid fools, stuck on their I-Pods all day and never talk to anyone…..why not?  Hey, ISIS has places where folks eat together, sleep together and kill together.  In a world that has apparently lost consciousness about Social Responsibility, heck, you can listen to the music and they might even give you a free T-Shirt or Cap too!

The German vision for the world was a One World Government, governed from Nuremberg, Germany.  They had built a United Nations building there in order to govern the world with representatives from every country, coming together to get their instructions on how they could peaceably participate in Global governance. (The Building called the Stadian looked a lot like the Coliseum in Rome, but was never fully completed before the end of World War II).   Hence, NAZISM would become GAZISM or the Global Socialist Workers’ Organization.  Quite democratic, each country would have one vote in the General Assembly, with the Axis Powers of Germany, Japan and Italy having Veto Power on any vote with two non permanent members on a Security Council.  Sound familiar yet?  The Social and Economic Council would regulate World Trade and make sure each country got its fair share of goods and services.  In the end, the world would run like a Swiss Watch and everything would be fair to all.  A perfect world which they believed would be the Ultimate Utopian Society – where all the trains and planes ran on time.

Great minds and great thoughts follow our Global History like the plague.  As James Bond said to Dr. No:  “The same old thought of world domination, people thinking they are God, madmen – the mental hospitals are full of them!”  Dr. No responds: “I was mistaken Mr. Bond, I thought there was a place for you here at SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), but I can see you are nothing but a stupid policeman!”  Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Adolph Hitler, Alexander the Great, The Romans, The Greeks, The Ottoman Empire, various Kings of Spain, France and the British Isles…..all come to mind.

Where does World Trade enter into this discussion?  Let’s start with NAFTA which shifted our manufacturing  jobs out of America to Mexico and Canada.  Assuring higher Corporate profits, selling the same goods we made in this country for more, because we were making them in foreign countries, paying the workers one third of the wages paid in the United States, and utilizing new equipment and polluting their countries rather than ours.  In exchange they get low paying jobs to afford tortillas, rice and beans and to buy junk food made in the United States.  Diet Cokes, Twinkees and GMO Potato Chips.  “The great sucking sound of jobs out of the United States!” was a Ross Perot quote and harbinger of a world that continues to make stupid mistakes, cause endless wars and to use the excuse, that we cannot let other people die of poverty and hunger around the globe.  “We” need to share our jobs and not be selfish!  Who are “We” white man?   Greece was doing just fine, before Globalization and before joining the European Community.  They made grapes for wine, they lived within their means.  They were not going bankrupt.  The same for Spain, Portugal and Italy.

The grand experiment that the Germans offered back in 1919, hasn’t worked out so well.  Now the United States wants another Super Trade Agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership which includes 16 countries.  At the end of this year another Super Trade Agreement will be coming called the Trans Atlantic Partnership which includes most of the European Community and other countries.  The concept is to remove Trade Barriers!  What is a Trade Barrier you may ask?  A trade barrier is considered when Tariffs, Taxes or Quotas are employed on specific goods or groups of goods, Regulations and Transfer Fees, Inspection Fees and even Restricting Imports based upon a specific item; such as Licorice…which cannot be Imported to California presently.  Certain types of Firearms are restricted to various states around the country and world.  Trade Barriers can become transitory, disregarded or inflated without provisions which instill constant oversight.  China consistently disregards Monetary Manipulations with impuntiy and little regard to protest by the U.S.  If you can alter the value of your currency on a daily basis….it becomes easy to Hedge your bets of Trade Transfers of various products.

The next word that is used is “Protectionism”.  China is known “to dump” various products in huge quantities on various economies around the world in order to under cut the the local producers.  Solar Panels were a keen example.  When the United States started to produce Solar Panels – the Chinese rushed in (reverse engineered them) and made Solar Panels for one-third the price dumping them on the American Market – putting newly minted American Solar Panel Manufacturing out of business.  They have done the same thing with Steel and many electronic and manufacturing facilities.  However, the prices soon skyrocket AFTER the competition is eliminated and the market is cornered.   When the United States wants to send automobiles to Japan – they are restricted by Japanese Quotas (for example on right hand drive autos – to protect domestic producers) and adding huge Tariff payments for sending more U.S. Autos than allowed per year.

Once Trade Barriers are reduced however, there are several unintended consequences.  A good example are the Agricultural and Dairy products from the United States.  Foreign Buyers are willing to pay top dollar for our best Agricultural and Dairy products, which go to five star restaurants around the world and depletes availability to our local markets and raises the price for lower quality domestic products.  Then, the low end Imports come rushing in to further deplete the availability of domestically produced goods.  Forcing our domestic producers to seek more exports themselves.   The quality is reduced and our quality of life directly affected.  It’s all fine as long as you don’t care what you eat.

The current TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) issue allows any President of the United States for the next six years; the right to “Fast Track” Trade Agreements.  The current Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is under wraps.  No one is allowed to reveal the contents and only certain members of Congress are allowed to view any of the agreement.  The lack of transparency is telling.  What could be “so secret” that the people of the United States must NOT know what is contained therein?   Why are members of Congress under sworn to secrecy orders by the Justice Department?  Why would anyone….vote for something that could send all of our manufacturing,  Research and Development jobs out of this country – or perhaps to require us to bring in Foreign Workers via HI-B visas to do the jobs here or in their own local countries?

What major provisions include the rules on U.S. Banks that are Too Big to Fail ….already that will shift resources, profits and tax free bonds out of the country into off-shore untaxable havens for private investors and giant corporations.  Since the Citizens United ruling that Corporations are “People”….perhaps those types of Corporate profits should be taxable after-all. One thing is certain:  The Global Socialist Party Organization is alive and well.  However, we doubt that it is being developed to help out U.S. Citizens and their Quality of Life!  The Farm States want their Senators and Representative to vote for this Trade Promotion Authority and both the Trans-Pacific Partnership and even the Trans-Atlantic Partnership…….because no one will take their stupid GMO Corn, Wheat, Rice or Soy without the lever of sending American jobs out of the country.

Remember the movie:  “On the Beach” – there was a sign on every street corner:  “There is still time Brother!”


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