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While most of the country has caught on to the fact that Red Light Cameras are a giant boondoggle of massive proportions, there always seems to be one or two cities that think “they are special”.  The City of Beverly Hills in its wisdom has determined that the 12 Red Light Cameras that have been defunct for a while should be re-energized with the addition of three more for a total of 15.

These are the wonderful folks who have opted to apply their stupidity to every man, woman and child that either lives in Beverly Hills or has the remote possibility of being a tourist from one of 160 countries or even those of us that live in other areas of California.

The logic of their decision holds much to be reviewed.  They say “in passing” that some “yellow lights will be extended”.  Extended to what?  The State Law says 3.5 seconds is required for all Caution Yellow lights in the State of California.  When Costa Mesa got their Red Light Cameras, intersections like Newport Blvd. and 17th Street wound up with a 2 second delay, which meant that many motorists couldn’t make it even half way across the width of Newport Blvd. without getting their Red Light Ticket.  Finally, Patriots stepped forward and challenged their tickets in courts.  The result was that all tickets were put on hold and those that had been ticketed had their fines returned.  Additionally, those Red Light Cameras caught people “Blocking the intersection” which incurred a $500 fine.

The concept of “Short Sheeting the Caution” in Red Light Cameras caused a stir throughout the State of California.  The standard fine of $178 dollars soon spiraled up to $361 with all the appropriate additions.  On top of that, everyone that got a Red Light Ticket wound up paying 25% more the following year for their Car Insurance.  When certain areas are impacted locally, the Insurance Companies Red Tag your area and add 10% to 20% for motorists that didn’t even get a Red Light ticket.  This is called:  “Lawbreaker premiums – for those that live in high ticket areas.  The Beverly Hills City Council has OK’d a $500 dollar fine for their new Red Light Camera infractions coming on June 1st, 2015.   They have found a new provider to maintain the Red Light System, ticket the motorists, make the technical adjustments to the cameras and maintain the equipment when it breaks.

The Red Light Cameras in Los Angeles have been used to:  Ticket for the the following:  No Right Turn on Red, Blocking the Intersection, Autos caught in the middle of the street from a Left Turn Only Lane and from Standard lanes.  All of these tickets incur a $361 dollar fine plus penalty assessments.  These Cameras were initially touted as a “God Send to Public Safety”, nailing those Red Light runners that are going to T-Bone mom and the three kids.  They were later found to cause a serious increase in rear end collisions, bumper and fender get togethers and many times physical injury to drivers and passengers alike.  Commercial Trucks also were not immune from these harbingers of doom.  Day or night, wet or dry, warm or cold, heavy traffic or not another soul on the road….those Red Light Cameras were not simply placed in high accident intersections with a serious history of auto injuries and collisions, but placed for maximum effect to get the most financial rewards.

The saddest part of the Red Light Camera debacle is that most of the financial rewards go to the Camera Maintenance Providers, which are either part of the Manufacturing System or an outside provider that charges the maximum possible to repair, replace and service the Red Light Camera Systems.  Cities do not have on site technology and every time there is a break down, the Service Provider needs to be called.  Welcome to the Time-Warner Repair Concept:  “We will be out there – within 10 days!”  When they do arrive, they charge the maximum allowed by law.  So, why do the members of the City Council get re-election money from either Lockheed-Martin, the manufacturers of these cameras or their sub-contractor minions?  Pure happenstance….no doubt!

We also, need to separate many cameras we see in our communities which have been placed there to expedite traffic, being able to have fire and police change the light with the flick of a clicker, or from a central location extend the green lights in one direction, surveillance of Public Safety Events – earthquakes, fires or other events.  The Central control of traffic is coming and there is little doubt that on many thoroughfares it is indeed necessary.  Traffic Control Cameras do not fine you or send you a ticket….just yet.

Meanwhile, back in Beverly Hills – we need to grasp “Why?”  Wilshire Blvd. runs from the 405 Freeway, through West Los Angeles at Westwood Village and the Federal Building on Veteran – through to the City of Beverly Hills, The Beverly Hilton, the New Waldorf-Astoria and of course Rodeo Drive to the right and Rexford to the left.  The traffic on Wilshire is staggering.  Right now many miles of Wilshire are being torn up for road construction.  The delays are immense.  There are road workers guiding folks around through and by, in every direction on Wilshire Blvd.  By the time you get to the LA County Art Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits… is an exhausting 40 minute drive from the 405 Freeway.  Going back is even worse and will probably take most folks another hour or more to get back to the parking lot on the 405 Freeway.

So what can the City Fathers and Mothers be thinking by implementing their Red Light Program right dead center in the middle of this giant mess?  Maybe, they still think that if you roll one of those Left Wing Luckies, sit back, turn on your Black Light and find some Psychedelic Music…….”they would be styling!”.  We just pity the great number of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Phillipino, Mexican, European and African tourists that will soon be visiting Beverly Hills, California.  Maybe they should make every tourist buy a Red Light Camera Sensor for their Rental Car.  Maybe by paying for a high dollar Sensor will extend the yellow long enough not to break the law and get the huge ticket that will be added to their Rental Car charges?  That giant sucking sound is coming to Beverly Hills, California.

We would encourage folks to write these “great minds” and mention in passing that if you are truly “Tourist Friendly” – Red Light Cameras are totally out of the picture.  If you want to protect the cost locals pay for their Auto Insurance – No Red Light Cameras!

This is definitely the time to Black Light – Red Light Cameras in Beverly Hills!

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