The Homelessness Issue in the OC




homeless orange countyThe Homeless of Orange County need to set the standard around the country and perhaps around the world.  We can do it…but…we need the Orange County Board of Supervisors to lead the way.  Many concepts have been chatted about, some actually tried.  Many concepts have excluded the Non-Profits looking for Government money.  Many concepts have been created by and for Developers which plan on making millions of dollars in building a Taj Mahal for the Homeless….then grabbing the contract to keep it up for the next 100 years.

One thing is certain about the Homeless issue which we can all agree:  No  – one size fits all solution will ever work.  We cannot simply solve this problem with little effort.  The solution to the Homeless problem will come with great creativity, honesty and of course the necessary funds to complete the basic project.  First of all, let’s agree on the fact that we will have to divide the issue into four separate areas on contention and solution.  2nd of all, let’s agree that making the definition of Homeless less amorphous and more definitive will be an important starting point.

So, let’s break down the four basic categories of Homelessness: (1) Veterans – recent and past. (2) Drug dependent and the Prescription drug dependent. (3) Families with children and no drug problems. and (4) Felons, criminals, drug dealers.  Each one of these categories requires a different therapy and a differnet long term solution.

Let’s start with our Veterans – recent and past vets without PTSD and many with.  Right now there are programs going forward to seek out living situations for these folks from the General Public.  Those with an extra bedroom or separate quarters unoccupied are being sought to have our Veterans housed.  The county and state seems willing to pay to have these folks fed and offered medical and dental care by many willing physicians pro bono.

The next group is the Drug and Prescription drug dependent, who may have a variety of social adjustment issues.  These are the folks that require temporary housing, medical assistance and even dental care.  These folks could be housed in transitory facilities, like empty strip malls, warehouses and empty business buildings with the ability to provide Public Safety 24/7, Mobile Medical and Mobile food provided by the county or state.  The NIMBY attitude by local residents has made Homeless folks into a pariah on society.  These folks fear for the welfare of their children and families, much as they would for child molesters.  This is the very reason that 24/7 Public Safety Officers need to be deployed at these locations.

Finally, we come to the Homeless that prey upon other Homeless folks.  The Felons, criminals and Drug dealers that inhabit the Homeless Community and pervert them at every turn.  These are the folks that need to be put in tents out in Riverside or San Bernardino, out in the desert.  These are the folks that need to be provided basic care and living facilities.  These are the folks that need to be inspired to get better educated, reform through good deeds – such as firefighting and emergency workers when state issues avail themselves.  We cannot lose these people……we need to make them work for their food and lodging.  Having these folks rotate back into meaningful society should be through assessment by probation officers and psychologists with experience in dealing with career criminals of all types.

Making a large dent in Homelessness means separating the wheat from the chaff and making sure that we have adequate social funding to insure that those that are Homeless, will remain so for the shortest possible time.  Is our perception too optimistic?  Perhaps, but the intent needs to be to reduce our Homeless burden and create meaningful individuals that can adjust to society and provide their life experiences for others.  Many of the current Homeless, might well serve as Consular’s for the Homeless yet to come.

Welcome, to The Homeless Issue!

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