“Oh, But ARTIC Won’t Impact the General Fund!” said Kris Murray and the Pringle Ring….

.The outside of ARTIC is constantly transforming.  Maybe it's time for the inside to do so as well.

The outside of ARTIC is constantly transforming. Maybe it’s time for the inside to do so as well.

Art Marroquin of the Register really earned more than his usual shell kibble yesterday with a story about how ARTIC isn’t doing as bad as we critics have predicted — it is doing far worse.

More than four month have passed since ARTIC opened, and city officials said that they aren’t close to securing a company willing to pay to put its name on the 67,000-square-foot facility, while total advertising revenue during the six months of operation are projected to be $81,675.

By June’s end, city officials expect to earn $391,548 in total revenue for ARTIC, falling far below the anticipated $2.38 million cost to keep the facility’s doors open.

As a result, the City Council will soon decide whether to transfer the $2 million difference from Anaheim’s General Fund, which pays for police and fire services, parks, libraries, road repairs and other city necessities.

“I think there were all sorts of assumptions that were simply wrong about ARTIC, from ridership numbers to revenue projections,” said Mayor Tom Tait, who abstained from voting on ARTIC’s $185 million construction contract three years ago because his business, Tait & Associates, did business with the Orange County Transportation Authority.

“By definition, we’re being forced to reduce city services from what we could have otherwise spent,” Tait said. “The city needs to figure out how to cut ARTIC’s operating expenses as much as we possibly can. Fiscally, it hasn’t worked out so far.”

(My emphasis, to be followed by repeated re-emphasis — and then by going through the archives to look for City Council discussion of ARTIC.  It’s not like we didn’t try to warn them….)

The Anaheim Canyon homeless shelter won’t be ready for years at best.  For now, put up 10-foot-highpartitions to cut the thing in half and the half that isn’t being used to make money should be used to shelter the homeless NOW NOW NOW!  (Or, perhaps more appropriately, NOW NOW NOW!) The OC Supervisors should be willing to pay for this: it’s a great deal at least in the short-to-medium term.  (Meaning, you know, until High-Speed Rail gets here.)

The first time I said that this nicely air-conditioned shell with bathroom facilities and room for personal storage should be used to shelter the homeless I was half-joking.  Now, I’m 0%-joking.  Docking Anaheim taxpayers at a rate of $4 million a year makes me get serious very quickly.  WE CAN EVEN NAME IT THE “HON. CURT PRINGLE TEMPORARY HOUSING FACILITY” — SHOULDN’T HE LIKE THAT?

(And just think of the great “Lookamee, I’m serving the homeless!” photo opportunities for Kris Murray!)

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