37th Senate District election date announced; and The Moorlach Jumps In Feet First!




The expected Republican contenders: The Moorlach (right) looks askance at Don “Spanky” Wagner (left) and his fearsome Scolding Patriot Finger.


The news comes to us from former OC Treasurer and Supervisor and Orange Juice friend John “The Moorlach” Moorlach, whom we agree with nearly half the time, which is pretty good for a Republican. 

Unfortunately certain bloggers with no lives beat us to the punch, while I was in the shower;  but readership being what it is, you’re likely to read it here first!  Here goes…



For Immediate Release
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Contact Tim Clark @ (916) 346-6551

Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach Announces
Run for State Senate

20th Anniversary of Orange County Fiscal Crisis Highlights Moorlach’s Success in Helping Restore County’s Long Term Fiscal Health. Moorlach Vows to Bring Same Fiscal Focus to State Senate

(Orange County, CA) – Today, newly retired Orange County Supervisor and former County Treasurer-Tax Collector John Moorlach announced his candidacy for the open 37th Senate District. Former Senator Mimi Walters resigned her Senate seat last week upon being sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Just like Orange County was twenty years ago, our state is on shaky financial ground, and it’s time we got our fiscal house in order,” said John Moorlach, who built his career as a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner before becoming Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector. “Our economy will thrive when California gets serious about eliminating its wall of debt and huge unfunded liabilities. That must be the Legislature’s number-one focus.”

Twenty years ago, Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector Robert Citron triggered what was then the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in American history. In the election that year, then CPA John Moorlach had warned of Citron’s risky investment strategies. In the aftermath of Citron’s resignation, the Board of Supervisors appointed Moorlach to serve out Citron’s term, where he took swift and decisive action to help reform Orange County’s investment portfolios, cut waste and inefficiency, and assist in bringing the county out of Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. Moorlach then focused on long term county spending and budget practices, helping restore the county’s financial and economic outlook.

Twenty years later, Orange County is back on solid financial ground, and Supervisor Moorlach is preparing to bring that same focus to the State of California.

“I’m running for State Senate to bring a fiscal framework to Sacramento—one that sets goals for short term and long term budget stability and measures every policy proposal, every new spending plan, by whether or not they meet the objectives of a fiscally healthy California,” continued Moorlach. “With revenues on the rise, the legislature’s tendency will be to spend first and save later. But that short-sighted vision will only lead to higher taxes, lower bond ratings, and less prosperity for Californians. Now is the time to pay down our obligations and demonstrate to the fiscal markets and job creators that California is serious about restoring sound finances and a robust free market economy.”

“John Moorlach is a bit of a legend in America’s public policy circles,” said Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait. “Nobody had witnessed a mess of the caliber that Moorlach inherited when he replaced Citron. And, arguably, nobody has been as successful in helping restore a major municipality to prosperity in the midst of bankruptcy-level crises.”

After serving 12 years as Treasurer-Tax Collector, John Moorlach was twice elected by wide margins to serve as County Supervisor. He is considered one of the most recognized and respected political figures in Orange County.

“I’ve always believed that if you do a good job, and focus on the task at hand, voters will recognize that,” concluded Moorlach. “We need our legislature to adopt that mindset.”

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