Irvine Does It Better: Honest Signs Edition

Irvine may have the most honest election signs in the county this year

First, Evan Chemers deserves some sort of an award for conveying an actual platform on his signs. While Evan apparently doesn’t know about the Irvine Traffic Research and Control Center (ITRAC),  I love seeing someone genuinely trying to run a positive campaign on the issues. Good On, Evan!

Next up, Katherine Daigle has done something truly remarkable. She has delivered on a campaign promise before the election.  You may recall we here at OJ have started a kerfuffle over elephants that resulted in Ms. Daigle promising to repaint her signs.

By Golly, she has!


Also, Irvine continues to do a better job at sign stealing hijinks than your town. Just in time for the election, signs have reappeared all over town.

Tomorrow I’ll prove Irvine has the best eight campaign signs in the county. But enough about Irvine.

What are the best signs in your town this year?

Has anyone in your town kept a campaign promise BEFORE the election?  Or made a truly wacky promise?

Does anyone have a good sign stealing story from this year?  

Please share in the comments.





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