“ONE POLITICIAN.” “Special Interests!” Don’t be a SAP – vote YES on 45!




If you fall for ads like this, which as you must know have been playing 24/7 for what seems like months:

…then you my friend are a SAP.  [definition 5. Slang. a fool; dupe.]

And actually you probably aren’t, since you’re smart enough to be reading this blog.  But the polling trends are worrying, these stupid-ass ads ARE having an effect.  Most of the ones I’ve heard on the radio and seen on TV are worse than this, worse than what I could find on YouTube.  But they all have two things in common, two focus-group-tested catchphrases they repeat like a damn mantra:  “ONE POLITICIAN”  having control over health costs, and “SPECIAL INTERESTS” telling that one politician what to do.

First of all, thank God for the laws that force these advertisers (who’ve spent $55 million so far to try to defeat this important initiative) to identify themselves – and as you’ll see if you look, it is HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES paying for this.  HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES telling scare stories to try to convince you that HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES shouldn’t have their ability to raise rates regulated.  Wouldn’t you say they start on a bad foot, credibility-wise, right there?

But those two mantras really get under my skin:

“ONE POLITICIAN.”  This is a guy we VOTE for, to do this job!  He’s our man, whom we elect to restrict the abuses of an industry which has been robbing and killing us for decades.  And we’re supposed to trust him less than THEM, just because they call him a “politician?”  We just happen to have one of the BEST INSURANCE COMMISSIONERS EVER right now, someone who really stands up to the profiteers – DAVE JONES!  (left) And, since he’s a “politician,” if he doesn’t look out for California’s people properly, we can vote him right the hell out.  (Actually due to term limits, we’ll be picking a new one in 2018 – let’s hope we find one as good as Dave!)

And “SPECIAL INTERESTS.”  What kind of shamelessness does it take for a gaggle of big health insurance companies to call anyone “special interests,” especially — who COULD they be referring to? — the folks who don’t WANT to pay excessive rate hikes — you and me?  The insurance companies are calling you and me “special interests?”  Take a deep whiff of that chutzpah and reel.

Do they have you a little confused with that dichotomy, “a clear choice,” between an independent (Obamacare) commission versus the proposed new power of our groovy commissioner?  Well, thankfully I don’t have to explain that, because just an hour ago, over my “TRANSOM,” came this very invaluable video from the Courage Campaign’s Dr. Paul Song, which will straighten out ALL the lies for you, and allow me to move on to some other pressing issues.  Just remember – DON’T BE A SAP!  VOTE YES ON 45!

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