Is a Register home delivery scam in play?




Much has been written here by me and others in the last week about the collapse of home delivery services for subscribers to the Orange County Register.  Now comes a report of a possibly more sinister ploy from this newspaper.

An acquaintance that is aware of the home delivery gaff of the Register last week, and apparently still continuing in some areas of the county, e-mailed me to ask if anyone has reported this apparent Register scam. It starts with the paper being delivered to the home of a non-subscriber, usually just the Sunday edition apparently. A delivery the subscriber neither asked for nor paid for.

This began happening to this lady in July. After a few Sundays she called the Register to see why she was getting this paper delivery. She was told that she would be getting if for two years because it was a gift. She asked who gave her this gift, and she was given the name of her deceased father! She immediately smelled a rat and told them to stop the delivery, which they did.

Shortly after that experience this lady talked with a friend who said she started receiving unsolicited, daily home deliveries of the Register. After a while the Register sent her a bill for $80 that she disputed. Eventually the Register threatened to send the bill to collections. She paid it to save the hassle and the possibility of a blemish on her credit record and terminated the deliveries.

Could this be a business practice to generate payments from the elderly who are likely to just pay a bill like that? Makes you wonder about the ethics of this newspaper.

Are these isolated incidents? Anyone else know of scams like this being foisted on non-subscribers?

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