The Iceman (Waterman) Cometh!



Going in depth on any subject usually comes about because the things discussed are complex.  People are complex.  Problems are complex.  You start to read an article on Nano Technology, DNA Impressions or RNA Mirroring Engineering and pretty soon you get the feeling that you might be a little over your head in trying to understand what any or all of it means.  Someone starts to debate the value of vaccines for children or old folks and the gray questioning cloud may soon find it placed above most people’s heads.  Someone says the additives in your food are causing cancer and your eyes glaze over at the thought of looking up 250 various cancenigenic bad things that wind up in everything we eat.

Many folks just go to Google, IMDB or some secret web site they trust to find answers to difficult problems.  Those of us that seem to be doing “the Cynical Wave” on just about everything just keep digging and looking until we are exhausted and confused.  Then, we call someone we trust or write an important expert we have heard of or even someone that knows nothing, but we trust  to be honest – an e-mail and beg for them to bring us a semblance of clarity to some insignificant word of wisdom or missing knowledge value residing in the deep recesses of our cerebral cortext.  Some issues seem so basic, you wonder why anyone would even have a question.  How about a white Cobra with fangs and active poison ducts for example?  Well, even something that basic leaves us with such questions as:  The poison glands were still in place?  Why didn’t the bitten dog die?  Who is the owner?  How did the Cobra escape in the first place?  Oh well, those questions will eventually be answered and found on page 18 of the LA Times or OC Register, in a one by two inch column next week, after we have forgotten all about it.  The information may in fact be lost along the way and we can all look back with great wisdom and finally say:  “Who cares?”

So it goes with water in California.  Drought?  What is that?  Our plants are dry, our grass turns brown, we have more wild fires, well water starts to taste like alkaline or even worse like rocket fuel.  Lake beds dry up.  Prices of water go up.  Some places start to ration water useage.  Some people start to shut off water automatically when people use too much.  Nah, that’s not possible is it?  The reality is that poor basic use of water may wind up in fact being very expensive.  Maybe if people have to use quarters to take a shower or flush a toilet they might start to get the idea and the reality of the situation.

Iceman - X Men

Iceman refuses to take the Salt Water Bucket Challenge!

Everyone kind of started to worry when the Electricity providers all decided to go with the digital electronic meter monitoring instead of the 100 year old technology or the turning numbers on the three mystic dials.  Then came the Natural Gas Meters and soon the Digital Water Meters!  Yep, which means if you use too much water…..they can just remotely shut your water off……completely.  But let’s get back to the beginning:  Where does our water come from?  Well, God provides some through rain, mist or other types of storms.  The comes the water from ground wells, that catch the overflow of God’s plan.  Then come Resourvoirs, which acculmulate rain, reverse osmosis treated run off, Recreational areas – such as Lake Ming, Lake Mead and areas of non use like the Salton Sea.  Resourvoirs have to be covered, because bird poop, jet fuel and the like lands on top and pollutes that water before it goes to your city tap, toilet or garden hose.  Finally, we have what is known as “Toilet to Tap – Reclaimed Water”.  This is Sewage that get filtered, chemically treated sent on its way to Public Parks, Government Facilities, Commercial Properties and certain Residential Associations for use when watering their outdoor plants and grass areas.

The cost of Reclaimed Water has risen to the point that it is just about the same price as our traditional Colorado River or Central Valley Water.  A basic sin has been that the Water Districts have never Tiered the price of Reclaimed Water.  It should be at a totally different rate based upon demand and price of additives and manufacture.  This may change very soon.  Consumption Pricing is on the way in a big way.  Instead of blessing big water users with a discounted bulk rate, those days may be at an end.  Hotels in California are hurting when it comes to supplying water to its guests.  Meters are being discussed that would limit an average shower in a hotel to eight minutes, rather than a leisurely 20 minutes or more.  New toilets need to be developed.  Future Settings may or should be the following:  (1) Liquid only – no paper. (2) Liquids with light paper (3) Solids and Liquids and Paper (4) Large Solids/Liquids and Paper.  Automatic or Pressure shut-offs for all basin water use.  Digital Settings for water temperatures is another one that has been around in Europe for about 30 years.

The California Drought has caused all of us to initially “roll our eyes”, suggesting and assuming that the whole thing was just a put on.  We must have plenty of Ice Pack in the Sierra Nevadas……eh?  How could a state that was 10 million people, when we had our first water shortage, now with 34 million people find ourselves in a similar shortage situation?  Global Warming?  Over Population? Seasonal Deviations?  It matters not.  The truth is:  We are now going to need “Tiered Pricing” for all water in the State of California.  The price of water should rise as your useage rises – that is not Space Science;  that is pure logic.  We should of course start with all of  our Commercial users first.  Then our large residential abusers.  Then every residence in the state.  Charging on a per gallon basis must replace the per acre foot…….as the basis of water pricing structure.  This they call a Sea Change in thinking.  The games that the water districts have played around our state must come to an end.  One week they are short, the next week they have too much, the next week they want a price hike, the following week consumers demand the money back.  Too many games with water.  Too many.

This brings us to the method by which the Water Games must come to an end:  Desalination!  Without competition, any industry has the market cornered and will charge the most they can, without concern for the consumer.  Three Desalination plants are being built in California today.  The great harping from Water Districts that Desalination is (1) Too Expensive to produce, (2) Destroys the Enviroment and (3) Cannot supply enough to make a difference: are all hollow straw arguments which do not stand the truth test.  More product into the system, either supplies and meets the demand or creates a lower cost based upon over supply.  The computer read outs and projections tend to make us believe we will not be facing a water bumper crop anytime soon.  We need two more Desalination plants in Southern California – one in Huntington Beach and one at San Onofre….on the site of the now defunct Edison Nuclear Facility.  Without more water, future growth for California looks very dark for development and growth to the projected 50 million people in a few years.

In the 1973 movie:  “The Iceman Cometh!” Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan and Fredric March teach us how to re-tread the oldest arguments we can think of and finally come up with something new.  The time has come for Californians to understand that we need to start thinking about the future.  Our own!

The Iceman (Waterman) Cometh!  But of course, we are just Alarmists……but  just remember, the day your toilet won’t flush……we told you so!


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