The Jack Booted Thugs vs. 14,000 Fireworks rockets!

The Gaza Strip.  One of the poorest areas on planet earth.  It is presently being governed by a group labeled Hamas.  According to various sources Hamas is either a Terrorist Organization or a Philanthropic Political Group.    This area, “The Gaza”, is under the Military Occupation of Israel.  The people cannot leave Gaza or go across any border without the approval of the Israeli Defense Forces.  Meanwhile, across the State of Israel from Gaza is what is known as the West Bank.  The West Bank is occupied by literally thousands of Israeli Settlers – into what was supposed to be designated Palenstinian Territory.  The Israeli protest that without these Settlements, Israel would not be secure.  Therefore, the West Bank is further Occupied by Israeli Defense Forces.  The government not-withstanding in the West Bank is called Fat ah.  In the old days, when Arafat was in charge; Gaza and the West Bank had a unified government called the Palestinian Authority.  When Arafat died by poison or assassination……the government became suddenly split and Israel moved all its Settlers out of the Gaza Strip.  As they left, they torn down thousands of perfectly good homes and infrastructure and left the Palestinians ….nothing! Hamas came to fill the void.

Fast forward to last week.  Three Israeli teenagers suddenly disappear – somewhere on the border of Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.  Several days later they were found dead.  No one has said how they died.  No one has released the autopsy information.  There was no investigation by an independent source such as the US FBI.  Suddenly, a local teen from Palestine was killed in reprisal.  This has started a major campaign by the Israelis to protect themselves from over 2000 rockets fired into their territory from the Gaza Strip.  They have named no principal personalities responsible.  Israel has simply responded by firing hundreds of missile and drone strikes against targets in the Gaza, killing 170 men, women and children and injuring thousands.  The Israeli’s claim all targets are terrorist Hamas.   All the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip have not killed one Israeli citizen.  There have been no photos of damage done to Israeli property or infrastructure.  The so-called Israeli Iron Dome Defense System has not allowed any fatalities to any Israeli’s!  Today, they are sending in more Occupation troops!

The questions have to be asked, not because we are either pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian:  How did 14,ooo rockets find there way into Palestinian territory while the Israeli Defense Forces are supposedly on the ground Occupying the Gaza?  If Israeli Defense Forces were to go house to house searching for these rockets, why can’t they do that?  Why can’t the Israeli Defense Forces intercept the shipments of rockets to the Gaza strip?  Why can’t the Israeli Defense Forces arrest the so-called bad guys and put them on trial?  Why can’t the Government of Israel pass legislation that requires that any house or building harboring rockets or dangerous offensive weapons… raised or appropriated?  Why can’t the Government of Israel…..sue the Gaza Government of Hamas when such dangerous weapons are found ….in the International Court at Le Hague?  Why did the Israeli-Palestinian Peace process break down a month ago?

There are also questions to put before the Palestinian Governments of Hamas and Fat ah.  Why are your citizens not responsible to your own form of justice and courts, much as Native Americans have here in the United States,  when offensive weapons are found or imported?  What economic assistance will both Governments require to create adequate Police and Court Systems which can tend to your own people for any crime?  Why are the Governments of Hamas in Gaza and Fat ah in the West Bank not on all the Sunday talk shows here in the United States along with Al Jazerra and other International forums?

The belief has to be that this latest exercise by Israel is useless and a great waste of military resources and certainly very poor PR.  The Israeli excuse for horrible behavior, which begs for approval – based upon self survival…is fraudulent in the extreme!  The name calling and waste of time by the Palestinians also is a great waste of time.  Talk to the Governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, France and others regarding all issues!  It is too bad that so many Palestinian citizens have died in this process.  Whatever is being done ….must change!   Israel and the Palestinians need a Seven Power Conference to decide all the unresolved issues!

Today, it is the Jack Booted Thugs vs. 14,000 Fireworks rockets!


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