The only way Hillary can win in 2016!

No one ever listens to us.  It all began when Barry Goldwater didn’t listen to us and he lost.  Richard Nixon didn’t listen and he won and quickly lost.  Gerald Ford didn’t listen to us and he lost.  George H.W.Bush, didn’t listen and he lost.   Ross the Boss Perot didn’t listen and he lost.  Lyndon Larouche didn’t listen to anyone and he went to jail and never won anything.  Ralph Nader didn’t listen to us and he lost.  Pat Buchanan didn’t listen to us and he really lost.  John McCain was so far off that we didn’t even bother.  Al Gore was so far off that he too was never contacted…..but when he lost….it was no surprise.

Hillary as Barton Fink


Today, the odds on favorite to win the Presidency in 2016 is Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Sadly, Hillary only listened selectively to us during Bill’s two terms in the White House.  She started off all right, when we suggested that Bill get rid of his revealing jogging shorts and get something more hip.  Hillary also listened a little bit when we said that our Health Care System was a shambles and needed to be fixed.  That lasted about two months before “The Clinton’s” quickly had to sell out to the AMA, Big Pharma and the Medical Supply Industry.  We are fairly sure that after all these years, Hillary will probably not be listening very well to us again.  We told “The Clinton’s” about how bad Janet Reno was and that Waco, Whitewater, Ruby Ridge and Elian Gonzales were terrible examples as to why we never elect Democrats.  They didn’t listen.  OK, so came along Barack Obama.  Well, with all the terrible things said about this President, we can only say – that he and Michelle listen to us at least as much as George and Laura did.  Oddly, people who used to listen to us like Darrell Issa, no longer listen at all.   In fact, most Republicans don’t listen, don’t do anything and are generally offensive whenever they can.  Males, females, right, moderates, Tea Party…..anyone with that bit (R) by their name seems off….really off.

So, the time will soon be here for Hillary to run against some immature Republican candidate.  Rand Paul?  Rick Perry?  Marco Rubio?  Bobby Jindal?  Ted Cruz?  Even ….Jeb Bush?  No, there are no elder statesmen in the Republican Party left.  The Republican are down to about 10 decent members of Congress and zero Senators.   Scott Walker from Wisconsin and Mark Sanford from South Carolina are not what you might consider responsible human beings – doing anything!  Hillary right now seems to have a free ride into the Presidency in 2016.  Can she screw the pooch and fail?  Yes Hillary, you can lose and ruin our country for the next 12 years.  Do not do it Hillary, listen to us and start your “campaign for reason” right now.  We bought your book “Hard Choices” and have yet to open the first page.  There is a fear of what we might find out.  Don’t worry all the Republicans we have mentioned will dissect each and every word and turn those words against you in the coming campaign.  But not to worry Madam President in waiting.  You can defeat these mean spirited foe, but it will take our council and you better listen to those in the hinterland that believe in America – not those that want to tear the fabric of our Republic apart and kill every good thing that is left.

So, “Let’s get started!” as Fareed Zacaria might say:  The Five Planks of a winning strategy in 2016!

(1)  Run to fix immigration in this country.  You design your best shot, you gather the greatest immigration minds across the globe.  You study every immigration system from Australia to Pakistan to Zwaziland.  The United States needs a fundamental, solid, determined fix to those residing here in our country Without Papers and those who wish to come to this country for Study, on HI-B Visas and those who wish to bring their entire families of law abiding, caring human beings that can bring small businesses and jobs to America.

(2) Run to fix our Health Care System once and for all.  Run on Single Payer.  Run to make sure that the terrible outrages of double, triple and quadruple payouts to Medical Facilities, Insurance Companies and even doctor and patients be curbed forever!  Make this a five year plan to fix and repair every single aspect of healthcare in the United States.  Start with “reasonable and affordable deductible maximums”.   No one can afford $4000 or $5000 dollar deductibles every year.  No one can afford inflated co-pays.  No one can afford bad diagnosis, by bad doctors.  No one can afford skyrocketing costs for pharmaceutical drugs which may cost upwards of $500 dollar, just to fix a Upper Respiratory Infection, that might be caused just by a bad tooth.  No one can afford to fix their teeth every year without “affordable and reasonable” Dental Insurance.  The devil is in the details and President Obama cannot fix these problems with the current list of stupid Republicans blocking every positive solution – “until we get our man in!”.   You need to get control of Big Pharma and have Global prices set.  It is not fair that American pay three to four times what others pay, in order to pay for so-called R & D expenses and then have those profits sent to off-shore banks.

(3) Run to fix our International Security Issues.  Create a Global Community with ease of access to get information on every Terrorist Group in the World.  Make this process transparent, not covert.   Start with a 10 most wanted list of bad guys and the groups they control.  Find International approval to dispatch whatever force necessary to capture, kill or incarcerate those folks.  There needs to be a combination force which includes groups like SAS, British Special Forces, US Navy Seals and perhaps upwards of 100 other groups attached as Rangers or Special Ops.  You will need to identify your own Chief of Staff for Terror and Special Circumstances Operations.  This person should not be a part of the CIA, NSA, FBI or the Treasury Department.

(4) Energy and Food Safety.  The current cross-breeding of farming, ethanol, coal mining, fracking and oil shale on Bureau of Land Management assigned Native American protectorates is a mess.  Hillary, you need to demand that GMO crops be identified through labeling.  You need to have the National Institute of Health do endless studies on the effects of GMO Crops to the general public, including their digestion.  The use of extended Shelf Life ingredients in our food supply has many unintended consequences.  No more Soy Lecithin.  No more Canola or Rapeseed Oil.  No more Hydrogenated Oils.  No more High Fructose Corn Syrup.  No more undigestible food in our food supply.  This issue is key and no matter who has paid you off in Big Agra, Big Chema or Big Oil fundamental protections for the citizens of the United States must be preserved.  Regulations which protect those least able to afford it must be instituted and preserved.

(5) Finally, Gun Control is without a doubt your Achilles Heel.  If you blow the Gun Issue Hillary, you can kiss it good-by.  All the new immigrants in the world will not protect you if you find it important to take away the rights of gun owners.  Even the perception will guarantee – you lose 2016!  You will not be able to run roughshod over Gun Owners in the United States.  “Reasonable Regulations”…..remember your platform “Reasonable Solutions” or “a Campaign for Reason”.  If you want new traceability for firearms, start with criminals and the mentally defective.  Start with tracking “psychotropic drugs” and make those records available to all Licensed Firearms Dealers.  The Congress needs to pass legislation which restricts access to firearms for all that are being proscribed psychotropic drugs.  If you want to control so-called High Capacity Assault Type Semi-Auto Firearms; create a special testing procedure and create further requirements in order to maintain possession.  If you want to control access to so-called High Capacity Handguns, create a annual or bi-annual testing procedure.  You can also not requre any additional testing, if you maintain a simple shotgun, revolver or semi-auto handgun which is registered in your own home state.  Hillary, if you demand meaningless and onerous Gun Laws as part of your run for President – you will lose!  That is a guarantee.

Hillary, there is no doubt that you are the most qualified of all the candidates that will be running for President in 2016.  The problem is your spikey personality, that sometimes goes off the rails and you over-react.  Starting today, you will need to put on your elder statesperson hat.  Keep it on and do not ever take it off – not now – not in 10 years from now.  Do not back up on any of these issues and Hillary we will welcome you as our next and first woman President.  Do not disappoint us.   Your feet of clay, need to be sprayed with iron!  Your words of iron need to be there, day in, day out.  Yes, you can go on the Tonight Show!  Yes, you can go on Oprah’s new TV Channel.  But no… not over expose yourself in the beginning.  Give us all a chance to open “Hard Choices” and read a few pages.  We will support your “Campaign for Reason”.  Hopefully, it is “The only way Hillary can win in 2016!”





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