The Latest Case for a Civilian Police Commission in Fullerton

On the evening of June 3 the Fullerton City Council heard a report from Chief Dan Hughes about the arrest of live-streaming “citizen journalist” A.J. Redkey the previous month. Council member Bruce Whitaker, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Greg Sebourn, had asked for the item to appear on the agenda in response to public questions about the expense and purpose of sending six officers to Pasadena to arrest Mr. Redkey for a non-violent misdemeanor in May.

The Chief reported that the actions of his officers were in line with other arrests. He also insisted that the department did not target for arrest those who video record their actions, saying “We could care less if they’re live-streaming.”

The scheduled report about the arrest of Mr. Redkey afforded the Chief a chance to quote statistics about arrests, and to offer a narrative meant to…

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