California SB 1381 (GMO Labeling) Loses by Two Votes

Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin signed the first “no strings attached” GMO labeling bill earlier this month, making it the third state to enact such a law. California was going to make it the fourth. After signing the bill he told supporters, “Vermonters have spoken loud and clear. They want to know what’s in their food.”

California’s GMO labeling bill,  SB1381 was defeated by two votes in the state senate on Wednesday. This is the second time Californians tried to get GMOs labeled. Why did the law pass quickly in Vermont and not California? We Californians can speak just as “loud and clear” as people from Vermont.

In fact, Californians have been telling state representatives to label GMO food for a long time, but apparently our voices are being drowned out by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Big Ag and the chemical/biotech companies, like Monsanto whispering in their other ear.  Major corporations are paying big money to keep things just the way they are. A secret.

Senator Noreen Evans, who authored the bill, had this to say, “I am disappointed that California consumers’ ‪#‎RightToKnow‬ what is in their foods was defeated by a mere two votes in the Senate. Nonetheless, we have enlivened supporters and educated the masses and the issue will only move forward with more enthusiasm. Californians support ‪#‎GMO‬ labeling and an overwhelming majority of Americans demand the same. I look forward to the day when informed consumer choice is recognized not just in California, but in the United States as it is in 64 other countries around the world.”

D’Marie Mulattieri, field organizer at California Clean Money Campaign, believes  the loss has to do with the size of our economy. ” We must remember that California has the 8th largest economy in the world. Naturally, the transnational corporations, like Monsanto and other biotech firms will do everything possible to prevent GMO labeling in California. It was sad to see the measure fail by just two votes, however, that in itself is good news. With a bit more education we will eventually get the labeling needed to protect ourselves and those we love from food that is grown with a technology that has no long term safety testing.”

Are you fed up with being ignored by those who pledged to be a “public servant”? Here’s your chance to tell them what you think and please, give them an “earful.”

These senators voted “no.”  They do not believe you, as Americans have the right to know what you are feeding your family:

Joel Anderson (R)  (916) 651-4036
Tom Berryhill (R)   (916) 651-4014   (This is the same guy who was busted for money laundering. Why is he still in office?)
Marty Block (D)    (916) 651-4039
Anthony Cannella (R)  (916) 651-4012
Jean Fuller (R)  (916) 651-4018
Beth Gaines (R)  (916) 319-2006
Cathleen Galgiani (D (916) 651-4005
Ed Hernandez (D) (916) 651-4024
Jerry Hill (D) (916) 651-4013
Bob Huff (R) (916) 651-4029
Mike Morrell (R) (916) 319-2040
Jim Nielsen (R) (916) 651-4004
Andy Vidak (R)  (916) 651.4016
Mimi Walters (R)  (949) 235-2078
Mark Wyland (R) (916) 651-4038

Food Store lobbyists gave money to these senators. They are in the Top Ten list:

Mimi Walters $24,000
Tom Berryhill $18,000
Ed Hernandez $13,000
Bob Huff $11,000
Cathleen Galgiani $8,000

Food & Kindred products manufacturing gave money to these senators. They made the Top Ten list:

Mimi Walters $8,000
Bob Huff $8,000
Anthony Cannella $5,500

Food & Beverage products and services donated to these Top Ten candidates:

Jim Nielsen $26,000
Tom Berryhill $15,000
Ed Hernandez $9,000
Mimi Walters $7,000
Jerry Hill $5,500

It’s obvious we can’t count on government to do the right thing BUT we can boycott those food companies who are fighting hard to NOT label GMOs. Every time you shop for food you can choose GMO free products.  Look for the NON-GMO Verified Project seal on the front of the label.


More and more stores are carrying NON-GMO Verified because the only people store managers care about is YOU — their loyal customer. Big business lobbies our representatives, but YOU can lobby for your family.  YOU have the power of the purse in your household.  Tell your store manager, you will shop elsewhere if he doesn’t provide foods you want to buy.  Then put your money where your mouth is. Support companies who sell organic and GMO free.  Grocery stores are highly competitive and they will provide foods you want to buy in order to keep you coming back.

If you want more information about NON-GMO Verified products you can visit their website. They have a growing list of companies choosing to do the right thing.

We may have lost this battle, but we are winning the war!

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