ANOTHER Outrage of the Decade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty amazing when you think of it that we are almost half way through the 2010 to 2020 decade.  Is time running faster or are we all just thinking slower.  A couple of outrages ago we complained about Big Pharma Ads on TV and how that has affected the price of prescription drugs and how that money spent on TV has been a huge tax write off for these companies and how there is no Global Pricing.  Pricing is set for each country and since prescription drugs cost a lot less in Canada or Mexico….you have to wonder:  Why those countries do not allow television advertising for drugs?

That outrage of course is backed up by the lack of GMO labeling, the giant amounts of soy lecithin, canola-rapeseed and numerous other ingredients which include BHT in order to add years of shelf life to our food products.  When you get plastic containers for such things as Bisquick and others, do they simply return the products to the manufacturers and they place the same products into new boxes with new “Beat used by…dates”.  Those ingredients are not being audited for health by the FDA, unless of course the companies that make those products do the testing.  But again…..that of course is an outrage that has been going on for over 20 years.

One of the latest outrages of the decade includes being deprived of the NFL Network on Time Warner Cable for seven or more years while they negotiated and we finally got it back just last year.  Now, Time Warner Cable is at it again….with depriving all Dodger Fans from watching their favorite local team – if those fans don’t have Time Warner.  How do they make this stuff up?

Yet, all that leads us to indeed the greatest outrage of 2010-2020:   No subtitles for television shows.  Let’s see, we get 50 Spanish channels, but no English Subtitles.  We get 10 Korean Channels, but no English Subtitles.  We get 15 Arabic Speaking channels, but no English Subtitles.  We get 10 Chinese channels, but no English Subtitles.  We get a variety of movies in foreign languages which offer NO English Subtitles.  Vietnamese?  Hey, the Registrar of Voters even gives those folks their own ballots at voting time.  How is this cable oversight put up with or possible in 2014?  What?  They don’t have the technology?  They have no qualms about charging us $200 a month for Internet and Cable Television.  We can’t buy our channels ala carte.  We have to pay for this endless supply of channels that people can’t understand.  Soon, as Ray Kurzweil says:  “We will achieve the convergence!”.  Which means of course that all television channels will be available on your hand held device for free!  What will Time Warner do then?  Put the merger of Comcast and Time Warner together and then charge everyone that accesses their programming on  pay per view basis.  No more HBO without paying big time?  No more Showtime without paying big time?

We believe that this is indeed going to be “The Outrage of the Decade”.  In the meantime, Time Warner, Cox and Comcast need to put subtitles on all their foreign language programming here in the United States.  The FCC and the Congress should act immediately!  Europeans come to the United States and marvel at how far behind we are technologically.  Asians too!  Ask the next Finish, Danish or Swedish person you meet.  They will tell you.  The Asians on the other hand have a tough time telling you that your technology is “no bueno amigo”!


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