Jim Buss and Don Sterling phone home!

For those that have never heard of the NBA…….we will explain:  National Basketball Association.  This is a group of very rich owners that have 18 guys they pay huge money to entertain those that either attend the games in person or watch the games on television, cable or some mobile device.  2014 has been a very unique year.  The Miami Heat with LeBron James will probably meet the San Antonio Spurs to decide which group of rich players will win the 2014 Championship.  Although the play-offs are just in the middle of the first round…..it is sort of a foregone conclusion that Miami and San Antonio are the odds on favorites.

So, what happened to the LA Lakers?  And even more amazing….what happened to the LA Clippers?  The Clippers are playing the Golden State Warriors in the first round.  Who will win?  No one knows!  One thing for sure is that the wheels have come off the LA Lakers bandwagon.  The LA Lakers have a terrible Coach who is not only very unlikeable but entirely stupid when it comes to Defense.  The rumor of the day is that Mike D’Antoni will be coming back next year to make sure that the LA Lakers have zero fans at the end of the day.  It wouldn’t even matter if he won 80 games……..D’Antoni is a digusting fradulent whiff of a Coach.  We never thought anyone could surpass bad coaching choices when he replaced Mike Brown who was also a terrible LA Laker disaster.

We thought that the LA Lakers would be the one great embarrassment for Los Angeles, with the Clippers saving our city and region, by winning the first round of the NBA play-offs.  Then the totally unthinkable happened.  The owner of the LA Clippers – Don Sterling who had hired a great coach in Boston’s Doc Rivers and arrayed a great cast of character players.  Suddenly, a phone conversation was exposed today which is stunning.  When Don Sterling talks badly about Magic Johnson and black people in general…………..in front of the entire world of basketball……the words are shocking!  This is one of those stories that make “12 Years a Slave” seem like talk in Boy Scout troup somewhere in the deep south in 1960!  This is hugely embarrassing to the entire country!  Maybe the President should tweet something too!  Don Sterling needs to put the Clippers up for sale and leave town.

Meanwhile, the titular head of the LA Lakers Jim Buss says he wants to tinker with the Lakers for three or four years and then maybe sell or let someone else take over.  Jim Buss lives on the same planet that Don Sterling is living on – Planet X and the Dark Side of the Moon.  Just making the LA Laker fans live with another year of Mike D’Antoni as the Coach is enough for anyone.  Jim Buss needs to go…..now too!  Maybe it is something they are putting in our water here in Los Angeles, but this series of events is so bizarre……you do have to wonder.  Where is ET now that we need him?

Jim Buss and Don Sterling…phone home!

Magic Johnson

Or, Magic Johnson may have other ideas as to what Mr. Sterling can do with his phone. Photo from Getty Images used for identification purposes only.


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