Welcome to Hernando’s Weekend Open Thread – HB Peace, and Leather Tramp!

Vern sez:

I’d thought we were fine for nearly a decade without a “weekend open thread,” but now that Brother Diamond (who gestated in the womb of the Daily Kos) has got you all accustomed to this luxury, and then ditched us for political glory, you-all are squawking like jonesing crack babies. Fortunately along comes Juice reader “Hernando,” who’s more than willing to pick up the slack. Here are his (or her?) contributions to get you through this SUNNY March Saturday and Sunday … talk about whatever the hell you want, I’m not your babysitter. Also lemme know if you think Hernando should keep this gig for the coming months until our prodigal either trounces T-Rack or trudges back in sackcloth. Laterz……..



Last Saturday I went to the HB pier, early afternoon, and I was surprised by the activities taking place there. A peace group demonstrating, a cool band of young musicians, and a lot of surfers! No wonder HB is called Surf City.  Maybe you could use some of these pictures for the WOT. Pics and videos make the WOT more fun to browse!

The name of this peace group is “ENOUGH” (that’s what the lady told me, maybe you know them)

 Vern:  Of course I know them, Hernando – that lady to the left is my old roommate Carol, one of the Choctaw Sisters!  They’ve been doing this every weekend for years…..

Hernando:  Below is the band “Leather Tramp

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