Thousands Protest Fracking at State Capitol

Photo credit: Think Progress

Governor Jerry Browns claims to care about what climate change is doing to our planet, so why does he refuse to stand up to big oil right here in California? He knows California is in the midst of the worst drought ever yet he signed SB-4 last September, a bill that took effect this year. The passage of SB-4 means there will be no moratorium against fracking and gas and oil companies can do as they please as long as they have a permit from the state.

Thousands of Californians came from all over the state on Saturday, some driving five hours from Los Angeles to tell Gov. Brown they had enough of his lies! But I never saw any local news stations in Orange County reporting about this event. Did you?

Years ago news stations didn’t report certain events because they didn’t want to offend their sponsors. These days those sponsors OWN our media so of course we won’t hear about Californians protesting Gov. Brown’s decision. The good thing is that we now have social media and it seems that a lot more people get their information online than they do from local news sources.

California farmers were told last month they will not be getting water from the state this year. That means dairy farmers, like Albert Straus who owns Straus Family Creamery in Marshall California, will have to hope the well on his property has enough water for his dairy cows until the drought ends. But who knows when that will happen? Do you know that it costs on around 100,000 dollars to drill a new well? (That is if there IS any water left under their land.) How many farmers have that kind of money laying around?

There is only so much water to go around and right now there are towns like Lake of the Woods, located an hour north of Los Angeles, who will run out in a few months. They will have to have water trucked in and yet oil and gas will be allowed to not only suck out this precious commodity from our water tables, stealing it from those who need it most but they will replace it with hazardous waste. I can live without gas but I need water. What about you?

Gov. Brown will be back to work today so if you are concerned or “mad as hell!” about his decision to take the oil industries side in this fracking debate you can call him (and I hope you do). (916) 445-2841


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